Defective Products

Edward's Client vs. Zig's Building Materials and U-Haul International, Inc.: Confidential settlement obtained in a wrongful death case for the heirs of a man who was killed when a defective hitch and ball mount failed causing a trailer to detach and collide into a Ford F350 traveling on I-90 between Billings and Laurel, Montana.

Edward's Client vs. General Motors Company: Confidential settlement in a defective seat belt case arising out of a rollover automobile accident near Challis, Idaho where the shoulder and lap belt system unlatched resulting in spinal injuries and ejection from the Chevrolet Corvette.

Edward's Client vs. Dylan Aviation, LLC, Rolls-Royce of North America, Inc., Rolls-
Royce Corporation, Allison Engine Company, Standard Aero, Inc., and Standard Aero Limited:
Confidential settlement of a wrongful death claim brought by the heirs of a passenger in a helicopter with a defective fuel filter assembly that suffered a complete loss of engine power in flight and crashed near Columbus, Montana.

Edward's Client vs. Rite-Hite Corporation and Rite-Hite Products Corporation: Obtained a confidential settlement on behalf of a worker injured by a defective vehicle restraining device "Dok-Lok" on the warehouse loading dock at the Western Sugar plant in Billings, Montana.

Edward's Client vs. Food Services of America, Inc. and W.B. McGuire, a division of Overhead Door Corporation: Confidential settlement obtained on behalf of a repairman who lost his left leg below the knee due to a defective vertical lift/dock leveler.

Edward's Client vs. General Motors Corporation: Confidential settlement in a defective seatbelt case arising out of an automobile accident near Big Timber, Montana. The failure of the seat back rendered the integrity and function of the seatbelt restraining system useless.

Edward's Client vs. Textron/Lycoming, Inc. and Superior Air Parts, Inc.: Confidential settlement of a wrongful death claim brought by the family of a victim of a helicopter crash because of engine failure in flight.

Edward's Client vs. Subaru of America, Inc.: Confidential settlement obtained for the victim of a faulty seatbelt in an automobile crash.

Edward's Client vs. General Motors Corporation: Confidential settlement of wrongful deaths claim brought by the children whose parents burned to death in an automobile accident in which their Chevrolet Blazer's defective fuel system allowed gasoline to escape leading to an intense fuel-fed fire and explosion.

Edward's Client vs. Quick Machinery Company and Evans Machinery: Confidential settlement obtained for a worker whose arm was caught and crushed between the rollers of a defective and dangerous laminating machine.

Edward's Client vs. General Motors Corporation: Confidential settlement obtained for a woman injured in a rollover automobile accident in Rosebud County by a defective roof, defective restrain system, and inadequate support pillars in her 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer 4x4 SUV because it did not provide adequate occupant protection in a foreseeable rollover event.

Edward's Client vs. General Motor Corporation: Confidential settlement for a man whose lower legs were amputated due to severe frostbite sustained when the defective fuel pump module on his 2005 Chevrolet Colorado Truck failed causing the vehicle to stall in the mountains during severe winter conditions.

Edward's Client vs. Cosco, Inc.: Confidential settlement for injuries sustained from a fall from a defective step ladder.

Edward's Client vs. Pack Laboratory, Inc.: Confidential settlement for the family whose father suffered a stroke caused by deceptive and defective pharmaceuticals.

Edward's Client vs. Case Corporation and Tractor & Equipment, Co.: Confidential settlement for a rancher injured by defective brake unit and doors on an International tractor.

Edward's Client vs. Monaco Coach Corporation and Montana RV Center: Confidential settlement of a wrongful death and injury claim brought by the widow, who along with her deceased husband, was severely burned by fire/explosion caused by a defectively designed fuel system on a 1982 Holiday Rambler motor home that was later recalled.

Edward's Client vs. Ford Motor Company: Confidential settlement of a wrongful death claim based on a defective transmission on a 1977 F Series pickup truck.