Negligence Claims

Edward's Client vs. NorthWestern Corporation d/b/a NorthWestern Energy: Confidential settlement obtained for business owners and individuals whose property was destroyed by a gas explosion and fire in Bozeman, Montana caused by a ruptured gas service line.

Edward's Client vs. NorthWestern Corporation d/b/a NorthWestern Energy: Confidential settlement obtained in a wrongful death case for the heirs of a Catholic priest who was severely burned in an explosion/fire caused by a cracked gas service line in Butte, Montana.

Edward's Client vs. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.: Confidential settlement obtained for an elderly woman whose neck required surgery when a line of shopping carts being pushed by an automatic QuicKart retriever that a Wal-Mart employee was operating rammed into her.

Edward's Client vs. The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company: Confidential settlement of wrongful death claim obtained for a minor whose father died at an unsafe railroad grade crossing located on Hesper Road in Yellowstone County, Montana.

Edward's Client vs. Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch: Confidential settlement for a suicide at a residential treatment facility for youths.

Edward's Client vs. Prince Inc.: Confidential settlement reached on behalf of a victim of an improperly marked highway construction zone.

Edward's Client vs. Payton: Confidential settlement of claims against multiple defendants for a traumatic brain injury suffered during an assault at a parent-supervised graduation party for high school seniors.

Edward's Client vs. Maur Ranches: Confidential settlement to a victim of a domestic assault, which rendered her a quadriplegic.

Edward's Client vs. UAP Distribution, Inc. d/b/a United Agri Products: Confidential settlement achieved for the victim of a car wreck near Miles City, Montana.

Edward's Client vs. Motor Power Equipment: Confidential settlement for a family whose vehicle was rear-ended by a semi-tractor trailer.

Edward's Client vs. Ashcraft: Confidential settlement obtained for the family of a Sidney rancher who died as a result of a failure to diagnose cancer.

Edward's Client vs. Montana Power Company: Confidential settlement of a wrongful death claim for the failure to warn of low hanging power lines resulting in electrocution deaths.

Edward's Client vs. Frontier Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditions, Inc. and Simpson-Duravent Co. Inc.: Confidential settlement of mold exposure and construction defect claims.

Edward's Client vs. Capitol Indemnity Corporation, Madison Wisconsin, Sabine Bieber, and Tiny Tots Daycare: Confidential settlement of a wrongful death claim of a child at a daycare.

Edward's Client vs. The City of Great Falls and Montana Expo Park: Confidential settlement of a claim for the daughter of a father who was crushed by a negligently installed parking rail at the City/County fairgrounds.

Edward's Client vs. Kenyon Noble Lumber Company: Confidential settlement for injuries sustained by Bozeman high school student who was hit by a vehicle while crossing the street by the school. As a result, the city installed a street light.

Edward's Client vs. State of MT and The Department of Family Services: Confidential settlement for adopting parents for the State's failure to disclose the child's disabilities. Case led to a Montana Supreme Court decision establishing a new legal claim for parents.

Edward's Client vs. Buttrey Food & Drug Company: Confidential settlement for a slip and fall on a wet supermarket floor.

Edward's Client vs. Bozeman Deaconess Health Services: Confidential settlement for a failed back surgery.

Edward's Client vs. Glendive Medical Center: Confidential settlement for a delayed delivery during birth.

Edward's Client vs. Town Pump, Inc. and Lucky Lil's Casino: Confidential settlement for injuries sustained when a defective chair broke while playing keno.

Edward's Client vs. Sletten Construction Company, Sletten, Inc., and Shumaker Trucking and Excavating Contractors, Inc.: Confidential settlement for a family whose parents' pickup truck was hit by a truck and trailer that crossed the center line in Fergus County causing the death of their father and severe injuries to their mother.

Edward's Client vs. Eagle Stud Mill, Inc.: Confidential settlement for a boy scaled by hot water at a post treating plant.

Edward's Client vs. Volmer: Confidential settlement for damages caused by a rear end collision resulting in an aggravation to a chiari malformation.

Edward's Client vs. Mitchell Motors, Inc., Brooks Hanna Ford, Inc., and Montana Muffler and Supply: Confidential settlement for injuries sustained as a result of carbon monoxide leaking into the passenger compartment of a recently purchased used Ford Contour.

Edward's Client vs. Dunbar and Howard's Electric: Confidential settlement for a rancher who was electrocuted by a live electric wire that the owner and contractor left exposed.

Edward's Client vs. Rimrock Stages, Inc.: Confidential settlement obtained for a family in a wrongful death claim against a bus company that failed to secure a door resulting in a fatal automobile accident.

Edward's Client vs. Piper, Jaffray & Hopwood, Inc.: Confidential settlement obtained from a national brokerage firm that had mismanaged and misappropriated a retirement account.

Edward's Client vs. John R. Overall, and G&B Truck Leasing Corp.: Substantial settlement obtained for severely injured Montana residents whose car was run over by a semi-truck in Colorado.

Edward's Client vs. A & R Enterprises: Confidential settlement obtained on behalf of a rancher who was rear ended by a truck.

Edward's Client vs. Butte Silver-Bow County, The Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement Agency and Sheriff John McPherson: Settlement obtained against law enforcement agency for injuries to a young lady from an automobile accident caused by improper police chase.

Edward's Client vs. Yellowstone County, Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office, The City of Billings, Montana, and the Billings Police Department: $400,000 settlement for the family of our client after she was killed by a car being chased by local law enforcement officials. The officials violated their own policies and procedures when they decided to continue to chase a fleeing suspect whom had reportedly ran into a garbage can. While being chased by the officials the suspect failed to stop at a stop sign and collided with and killing our client.

Edward's Client vs. Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Great Falls, and Reverend Kirk Morgan: Confidential settlement for a young man who was repeatedly molested by a priest.