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November 2012 Archives

Car crash kills 2, injures child

An ongoing investigation is being carried out by Montana Highway Patrol after two people were killed and a child was critically injured in a car accident this month. Reports indicate a woman driving a passenger vehicle was following behind another car and continually pulling out of her lane in an attempt to pass the vehicle in front of her.

Highly caffeinated product cited in numerous deaths

Reports recently issued by the Food and Drug Administration revealed that in the past four years there have been 13 deaths that cited involvement of 5-Hour-Energy. This is not the first time federal officials have seen a case of this type, as just last month the F.D.A. linked five deaths to Monster Energy products. Both cases have caused the New York State Attorney General to launch an investigation regarding the practices of several energy drink producers.

Montana winter weather brings car accidents

As Montana residents know, winter weather can cause dangerous driving conditions and lead to more car accidents. As the temperature starts to drop and the snow starts to fall, it's important to be extra cautious on the roads. Highway roads aren't the only place to be careful--driving anywhere can be dangerous on icy roads.

Roadside accidents on the rise

It is a natural human reaction to gawk at the scene of an accident as you drive by. This tiny act of observing a wreck on the side of the road is also one of the most dangerous things you can do while behind the wheel. It is also a natural human reaction to exit your vehicle on the side of the road if it has broken down or crashed. These two actions together are among the highest causes of death on U.S. highways.

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