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December 2012 Archives

Flight attendants sustain injuries during flight

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, air travel is expected to increase over the next 20 years and, with it, the risk and possibility of aviation accidents. Unlike car accidents, helicopter and plane crashes rarely occur. However, when this kind of accident does happen, it can cause personal injuries and even fatalities among passengers and employees.

Relaxation drink sickens kids, faces scrutiny

Recently our Montana readers have seen stories regarding deaths linked to energy drinks such as Five Hour Energy and Monster. Apparently energy drinks aren't the only beverage under scrutiny of product liability, as a new type of "relaxation" drink on the market is in the news for making children sick.

High numbers of deer-vehicle accidents in Montana

Montana residents know the danger of deer in the road, as the state has now climbed to one of the top places for deer-vehicle collisions. The deer population has actually decreased since last year due to the frigid winter conditions, yet Montana has climbed two spots on the list of top ten places in the nation where deer-car accidents take place.

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