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January 2013 Archives

Billings car collision: one woman extricated from a vehicle

Billings, Montana, residents are mostly very cautious while driving in order to prevent a car crash. Auto accidents still occur, however, when drivers do not adhere to traffic rules and regulations. These drivers pose great risks to their fellow drivers, pedestrians and passengers. A collision between two motor vehicles may end up with devastating results.

Billings truck accident: Teenage pedestrian died due to injuries

Some of our readers may have heard that a fatal truck accident happened recently in Billings, Montana. The truck reportedly struck a 16-year-old boy, who sustained severe injuries as a result of the truck accident and was taken to the hospital where he later died. The victim was walking with another boy at the time of the accident.

Tour bus rolls over cliff, 9 passengers die in crash

The highways and roads in Montana can be dangerous, particularly in infrequently-traveled areas with less-than-ideal visibility. Navigation in these areas during winter weather episodes requires drivers to be extra cautious. Failure to be cautiously while driving during winter may lead to a fatal accident, such as the one that recently occurred in the Western United States.

Product recall of children's toys affects Montana

Commonly, gifts during the holidays include shoes, clothes and toys. Some people prefer to give toys to the children to bring wide smiles to their faces. However, the fact that toys can be the source of happiness to children does not mean that they are never hazardous.

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