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Pilot in Montana plane crash was uncertified

Aviation accidents are rare in Billings, Montana. However, when aviation accidents like a plane crash occur, property is damaged, lives are lost and survivors often sustain serious injuries.

Billings's residents heard reports of a Dec. 2012 airplane crash in northwestern Montana, in which a businessman and a co-worker from Arizona died. Recently, federal transportation safety regulators stated that the pilot was not certified. Based on the report released by the National Transportation Safety Board, the cause of the crash was the collision of the airplane into trees in Libby, Montana. The aircraft accident claimed the life of the two men, who were 43-years-old and 54-years-old.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that the 54-year-old pilot had a student pilot license. The FAA's rules are that noncertified pilots may fly only under visual flight rules, may not fly for hire or in the furtherance of business and may not carry passengers.

The two men were on their way to Montana for a company meeting. When they failed to show up on time, the other meeting participants reported them as overdue. Later, the bodies of the two men were found among the wreckage of the plane, which was shredded in the crash.

In this case, the company owning the aircraft may be held responsible for letting an uncertified pilot fly. In addition to the aircraft owner, the pilot can also be held responsible if negligence is proven. Product liability may also cause aviation accidents.

In the Montana airplane accident case, filing a legal claim is one way of obtaining compensation for the surviving family members of the victim and this is done with the guidance of a legal professional.

In such cases, either the victims of the aviation accident or surviving family members in Billings may want to conduct a separate investigation with the help of forensic and other types of experts. The reconstruction of the accident can lead to a favorable decision for the plaintiffs. Preserving key evidence may also help in pinpointing the mishap's cause.

Source: Claims Journal, "NSTB: Pilot in Montana plane crash was 'noncertified,'" Jan. 10, 2013

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