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July 2013 Archives

Car collision injures five people in Billings, Montana

Car accidents occur all over the United States, including in Montana. Upon obtaining a driver's license, the driver is bound by traffic rules and regulations, which vary from one state to another. These traffic rules are established to maintain peace, order and safety on roads and highways as well as to punish offenders, who are a threat to their fellow drivers and other people with whom they share the road.

Monitor landing speed: one way of preventing aviation accidents

It is a known fact that flying in an airplane is safer than driving in a motor vehicle. Yellowstone residents probably know that aviation accidents rarely happen. But, when an aircraft accident does occur, it is often tragic due to the high probability of death among passengers. People involved in a plane crash may also suffer from serious injuries, including a spinal cord injury, neck injury and head injury.

Product recall: three items sold nationwide can cause injuries

Some consumers in Billings, Montana, are discriminating whenever they buy equipment, gadgets and toys for their children. Knowing the hazards of a product enables the consumer to use it properly and prevent injuries. However, that's not always the case. Even the "trusted brands" that consumers have been buying for years sometimes make mistakes and place products on the market that are defective or otherwise have injured consumers. There have been numerous cases of products sold nationwide and then later recalled due to hazards that could cause injuries to consumers.

Speeding a major cause of car crashes among teens

Society is paying so much attention to drunk driving and distracted driving; however, there is another issue that can also be a large contributor to fatal crashes among teenagers. Speeding can cause fatal accidents, and, according to statistics, it was the cause of 30 percent of fatal crashes involving teenagers in 2000 and 33 percent in 2011.

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