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August 2013 Archives

Billings, Montana, woman sentenced in drunken fatal car accident

Drunk driving convictions here in Billings, Montana, can result in serious consequences. A lengthy jail term, as well as fines, probation and suspension of driving privileges, is likely to await those at fault for negligence. These facts were recently illustrated by the case of a 23-year-old woman who injured several people in a head-on drunken driving car accident.

Family sues Toyota for 2009 wrongful death

For many local residents here in Billings, Montana, Toyota is held in high regard. Toyota's lines of trucks and cars are well known throughout the world as dependable, reliable and gas-efficient. However, Toyota has also had its share of recalls in the past and faced several lawsuits.

Appellate court sides with feds on truck driver fatigue laws

Truck drivers in Billings, Montana, have received some potentially happy news. To combat truck accidents caused by truck driver fatigue, federal regulators recently made changes to existing laws that limit truck drivers to an 11-hour workday and force them to take a 34-hour rest period each week.

Product recall on Baby Einstein musical motion activity jumper

All products released into the market go through different stages to ensure quality and safety for consumer use. However, some product defects can only be exposed under certain circumstances, such as when the products are handled by a person. This, in turn, can lead to serious injury to consumers, and even death in some cases.

Motorcycle rider dies after collision with SUV in Billings

Losing a loved one is a painful ordeal. The recovery of the surviving family members often depends on the manner of death. In the case of a fatal accident, there is a lot to take into consideration, such as how the accident occurred and the possibility of someone's negligence that may have contributed to the accident. Issues arising from a fatal accident plus the factor of negligence can lead to a wrongful death case.

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