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September 2013 Archives

Man killed in rear-end collision in Billings, Montana

Billings and Yellowstone County, Montana, residents know how much pain the loss of a loved one can bring. In instances where a life is taken because of another person's negligence, the grief seems to multiply. In the blink of an eye, life, as they knew it, can be completely altered forever.

Aviation accidents likely caused by risky landings

Most people, Billings and Yellowstone County, Montana, residents included, can still remember the ill-fated flight of Asiana Airlines. There have also been other aviation accidents in recent months, all of them tragic. The irony is that many experts believe that all of the plane crashes would have been preventable if not for pilot error.

Product liability: baby blankets recalled for choking hazard

Everyone knows that babies are fragile. That is why clothes, toys and other products for babies should be delicate and properly made. Otherwise, babies can sustain injuries or even lose their lives. For this reason, Billings and Yellowstone, Montana, parents should be careful about the baby products they buy.

Montana truck accidents come in different sizes

Regardless of the size, commercial truck collisions happen in Billings, Montana. These truck accidents often result in damages, serious injuries and, sometimes, even the death of motorists and pedestrians. Negligence is a major contributing factor among these fatal accidents. Other factors are distractions, fatigue and poor maintenance. Drivers and trucking companies can be held liable for any damages and physical injuries they inflict, according to state and federal laws.

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