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Product liability: baby blankets recalled for choking hazard

Everyone knows that babies are fragile. That is why clothes, toys and other products for babies should be delicate and properly made. Otherwise, babies can sustain injuries or even lose their lives. For this reason, Billings and Yellowstone, Montana, parents should be careful about the baby products they buy.

Recently, the Babies R Us HALO SleepSack was recalled. The cute blankets are 100 percent cotton and embellished with ruffles and satin roses. The product also boasts cut outs for babies' arms, which makes them wearable. As cute and creative as they are, the blankets pose a health hazard to babies because of the structural integrity of the adornments.

There have been reports of the petals detaching from the blankets, with one report resulting in a baby gagging on a detached petal. Consumers who own the product are advised to immediately stop using the product to avoid possible infant injuries and deaths, due to choking.

Product recalls, such as this, should be a constant reminder to negligent manufacturers who place a premium on profit, rather than on consumer safety and quality. However, this not only refers to baby clothes, but also to dangerous children's toys and other baby products. All products must place consumer safety first. In addition to being a cause of injuries or death, negligent manufacturers can be held legally accountable for product liability.

Billings and Yellowstone County residents who find that a product replacement or refund may not be sufficient, due to the damage a faulty product has brought about may seek legal guidance. A product liability claim may help compensate for expenses from injuries and other product-related damages. In such a situation where a defective product causes a loved one's death, the family can file the claim on his or her behalf.

Source: KVUE ABC, "Recall: babies R Us HALO SleepSacks," Aug. 28, 2013.

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