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October 2014 Archives

Fire truck maker issues recall after fatal Montana crash

There are basic precautions that all vehicle operators take, especially when it comes to ensuring that there is no reason to worry about any mechanism or component of the vehicle wearing down unexpectedly. Natural wear and tear of parts is also usually taken care of through periodic inspections and maintenance checks. As an incident in Three Forks, Montana, earlier this year demonstrated, however, a problem with even one vehicle part can cause serious accidents and fatal consequences.

What are some common reasons for Montana aviation accidents?

While it is indisputable that the phenomenon of aviation has transformed Montana life. It is necessary to remember that air travel and transport are made possible by a combination of machines, human ability and intelligence. Thus, human fallibility can cause unfortunate consequences that tend to be tragic on an unimaginable scale. However, it is possible to understand such incidents and thereby prevent repetition of avoidable errors.

The complex side of Montana wrongful death claims

Victims of Montana vehicle accidents not only include vehicles, but they often also include bystanders, who are casualties due to other people's negligence. In particular, children tend to become victims because it is almost impossible for them to defend themselves against vehicles. In many cases, parents and other family members take the legal route to ensure that the person responsible for such a wrongful death is punished.

In Montana, auto accidents are a big concern for drivers

Being involved in an accident can be a driver's worst nightmare. Although most drivers tend to be careful while operating vehicles, the careless actions of a few drivers can drastically affect the lives of many. And many accidents result in yet another example of the consequences of negligent driving.

Understanding the role of the Consumer Product Safety Commission

As many Montana residents would agree, in today's world, life without consumer products is almost unimaginable. Consumer products form an integral part of our lives, be it a toothbrush that we use in the morning or the night cream that many people apply on their faces before going to sleep. In fact, some of the most basic chores that we do every day are reliant on these products. Therefore, it is important that these products are harmless to the consumers who use them.

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