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December 2014 Archives

What are the toy safety standards per the CPSIA?

The holiday season is a time when children in Montana receive gifts from friends and family members. Many of those gifts are toys and those gifts are generally meant for the younger children, many of whom are not even teenagers. For those children's safety, it is important that a toy is safe because dangerous children's toys have been known to cause injuries among children, which can have some very long-term consequences.

Residents beware! Montana has the worst drivers in the country

Residents of Billings, Montana, want their loved ones safe from car crashes when traveling on local roads. Various findings suggest that many of these crashes could be prevented if drivers simply had followed traffic rules.

Legal recourse for truck accident victims in Billings, Montana

Truck collisions often result in multi-car rollover accidents. Trucks are usually among the biggest vehicles on the road and can cause havoc in the event of an accident. In some cases, an accident may happen due to no fault of the truck driver but because of weather conditions or ill-maintained roads. In most cases, however, authorities have observed that truck accidents are caused by some form of traffic violation.

FDA recalls drugs for preventing products liability

Products liability is defined as the responsibility that the manufacturer or producer of a product takes in order to ensure that the consumers of a product are not adversely affected due to negligence of the producers. Products liability is thus based on the principle of negligence enshrined under the common law principles of tort law.

The Downside of the Boom

WILLISTON, N.D. -- In early August 2013, Arlene Skurupey of Blacksburg, Va., got an animated call from the normally taciturn farmer who rents her family land in Billings County, N.D. There had been an accident at the Skurupey 1-9H oil well. "Oh, my gosh, the gold is blowing," she said he told her. "Bakken gold."

What are the legal recourses against products liability?

Consumerism and capitalism is a vital essence of the American way of life. American businessmen and businesswomen, however, are not without any accountability, as every businessperson is responsible for the product he or she sends out in the open market for consumption by customers.

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