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March 2015 Archives

Compensation for death due to medical negligence

Residents of Billings, Montana, may have a friend or loved one who was injured or died due to medical negligence. According to Montana law, if a patient is injured or dies due a medical mistake, substandard care or misdiagnosis, reimbursement for medical damages and pain and suffering can be addressed through a legal filing.

Montana may increase speed limits as well as fines for speeding

Montana is a vast state and many people rely on motor vehicles to travel. Since distances are great, speed limits on the roadways are an important factor when people have limited time on their hands. According to existing laws in Montana, the speed limit for passenger vehicles is 75 miles per hour, while the speed limit for big trucks is 60 miles per hour when they are moving on a two-lane highway. It is 65 miles per hour when the trucks are on an interstate highway.

Montana lawyers can help accident victims statewide

Some people consider trucking to be the lifeblood of the country because of the mass transportation of goods and materials to and from a wide number of cities and towns, including many in Montana.

Five-star safety ratings allows consumers better choices

Over the past several decades, leaders in both the automotive industry and government have sought to improve the safety of all motor vehicles. These efforts have been paying off in recent years with vehicles that are safer and easier to drive and that allow drivers and passengers to survive accidents that would likely have been fatal in years past. For about 35 years, Montana residents have seen these efforts in programs such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's five-star safety-rating system, which provides buyers with information on the crashworthiness of new vehicles.

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