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April 2015 Archives

Rules for safe driving in Montana

Motorists in Montana may find it useful to learn some basic traffic rules for driving and following safety standards. According to the Department of Justice, each year, more than 200 people lose their lives in car accidents. However, a few simple measures can protect motorists from devastating accidents. Those include driving within the speed limit, wearing a seat belt while driving and not driving under the influence of alcohol.

Product liability insurance pays for damages in Montana

Many residents of Montana may have suffered because of a product malfunction. In Montana, it is illegal to deceive customers by selling defective products or making false claims regarding a product's function and utility. Defective products, wrong instructions or incorrect information about the product may lead to personal injury. It also may be fatal at times.

Handling product liability cases in Montana

Residents of Billings, Montana, may be aware that the Montana Supreme Court has issued strict regulations against personal injuries caused by defective products. Anyone who has suffered injuries because of a product malfunction may file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and seller and claim damages. The damages awarded can be for all medical costs, compensation, loss of income and, in some cases, legal costs and punitive damages. The accused business also may face permanent closure.

Even basic insurance can keep Montana drivers from financial ruin

Under Montana law, all operators of motor vehicles must have insurance. Although self-insurance is theoretically possible for any vehicle owner, it is a complicated option that essentially requires someone to legally verify that they have deep pockets. There is an easier way to satisfy the state's legal requirement that a driver have a way to pay for the financial consequences of a car accident: liability auto insurance.

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