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July 2015 Archives

Car accident victim receives Montana's largest compensation

Recently, a personal injury case in Montana made headlines when the victim injured in the accident was awarded $26 million as compensation. The victim, who was a college student from South Carolina, was injured in a car accident near Bozeman six years ago. He came to Montana for a missionary trip when the driver of the car in which he was traveling was involved in a horrific rollover accident.

Car accident near Billings, Montana, claims two lives

The Department of Justice states that over 200 people die in car accidents every year. Car accidents occur because people do not follow simple, basic rules, which have a big impact on safety. Those rules include the necessity to keep within the speed limit, wear a seat belt when in the car and abstain from drinking alcohol while driving. Distracted driving is also a major reason for a car accident. The police and transportation departments in Montana often conduct safety awareness campaigns in order to prevent car accidents. However, car accidents still do occur.

Montana laws impose strict penalties on drunk drivers

The results of an online survey conducted last year suggested that Montana had some of the worst drivers in the United States. An earlier blog post discussed that survey in detail. Among the various factors that contributed to Montana's disappointing ranking were the numbers of injuries and fatalities that were caused by drunk drivers. The exact figures would surely shock many Montana residents.

Manufacturer apologizes for faulty airbags that killed 7 in U.S.

Cars are such an integral and important part of the lives of modern-day Billings, Montana, residents and nearly all Americans that it is important for cars to be as safe as possible. To ensure greater passenger safety, all cars sold in America must be equipped with airbags which help prevent head and neck injury in a head-on accident. However, when an airbag is faulty, the consequences can be injurious or deadly, as was the case for eight victims worldwide, seven of whom were in the United States.

Products liability theory-Part II

Products liability cases are an integral part of consumer rights in Montana. Based on the common law principle of tort law, the onus of proving a liability case rests with the plaintiff and consumer, who must show that the manufacturer or producer of the defective product was responsible for the injury suffered. In some cases, injuries suffered by the consumer may be due to false promises and misrepresentation by the manufacturer.

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