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August 2015 Archives

NTSB: truck driver fatigue caused the Tracy Morgan accident

Since the truck accident that severely injured comedian Tracy Morgan and several others and claimed the life of another comedian, James McNair, many people in Montana have become more conscious about the risks associated with truck accidents. The National Transport Safety Board assumed the responsibility of that accident and recently released their findings, which many people in Billings may find interesting.

Accidents at railroad crossing can be can be devastating

Railway tracks that crisscross Montana and the rest of the country are the lifeline of the nation because they help transport various crucial goods from one part of the country to another for civilian, military and business purposes. However, in order to reach all corners of the country, those railway tracks often intersect with roads that are designed for motor vehicle traffic.

How The Lemon Law helps get coverage for defective vehicle

According to Montana's New Motor Vehicle Warranty Act, all newly-manufactured vehicles fall into this category. If the vehicle is a "lemon," which means it has any kind of defect and the consumer is unable to get it repaired, even after repeated attempts, then the repair of the vehicle or replacement of the defective auto part must be done by the manufacturer.

Overview of wrongful death actions over the loss of a fetus

Childbirth is one of the most beautiful events in a parent's life. Most parents anxiously await the birth of the newborn and they often experience mixed emotions. However, if something goes wrong during childbirth, it can be devastating for the parents. The death of a newborn can be one of the saddest losses that a parent can experience.

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