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November 2015 Archives

How much do distractions impact truck drivers?

When an individual gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, there are numerous dangers that the motorist could encounter. While many of these hazards are outside of the vehicle -- such as hazards on the roadway, reckless drivers and inclement weather -- some of these dangers occur within the vehicle. Moreover, drivers of automobiles and large trucks encounter these potential dangers every time the person drives. This is, of course, referring to distracted driving. And while distractions to the driver do not always lead to an accident, they have the tendency to interfere with response time and the ability to drive safely.

The Grow America Act seeks to enhance safety on the roads

Purchasing and owning a vehicle, or multiple vehicles, is common for residents across Montana. And while these are commonly purchased goods, they include several risks beyond the obvious ones associated with traveling on the roadways. In some cases, the improper functioning of an automobile is out of the hands of the driver. Defective auto parts present much vulnerability on the roadways and pose several potential threats to travelers on the roadway.

Nissan is third company to cut Takata for defective airbags

Automobiles have many working parts. Additionally, motor vehicle companies rely on products from other companies when designing, developing and manufacturing automobiles. While this process and long chain of suppliers often leads to properly working and reliable vehicles, this could also result in a dangerous product due to a defective product in the motor vehicle.

What are the most common causes of fatal crashes?

Car accidents are an unfortunate experience of driving on roadways. While drivers in Montana are aware of the rules of the road, some drivers fail to uphold their duty of care to drive safely while behind the wheel. The negligence of a driver is often the cause of a crash; therefore, had it not been for their negligence, a fatal accident could have been avoided.

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