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December 2015 Archives

Technology helping truck safety in 2015

Large trucks, although necessary, pose many risks on the roadways. And while residents in Montana and elsewhere understand the important role semi-trucks play in interstate and intrastate commerce, these massive vehicles often create large and serious accident sites when a collision occurs. Because of that, much effort is put in truck safety and devising ways to reduce these types of crashes.

Three injured in Montana logging truck accident

Year-round, residents in Montana may encounter large trucks of various sizes traveling on major and rural roadways. Whether they are carrying a load of lumber, transporting goods or making a delivery, these large trucks do not drive or maneuver the same way smaller automobiles do. Semi-trucks cannot slow down or speed up as quickly as smaller vehicles. Moreover, these large vehicles are more prone to losing control. Because of that, drivers of large trucks need to be cautious when on the road, in order to avoid causing a truck crash.

Can fast-tracking a medical device lead to injuries?

As a previous post discussed, medical device recalls might be necessary if it is determined that the device is defective or dangerous. While these situations might not medically harm the patients, there are some instances when a defective medical device could be very detrimental and harmful to a patient. If a medical provider or medical manufacturer fails to discover a defect or fails to make a medical device recall, a patient could suffer greatly.

What happens when a medical device is recalled?

When a medical professional treats residents in Montana, it is likely that a treatment plan will be designed for their injury, illness or disease. While this often includes medicine or surgery, sometimes it means having a medical device place in the patient's body. While these devices are designed to help the patient, sometimes these devices to not function properly or are defective. When this occurs, a medical device recall will likely occur.

Helping truck accident victims recover fair compensation

Motorists in Montana likely encounter large trucks on roadways throughout the state. While it is common to see these large vehicles transporting goods and shipments, these vehicles pose many risks and dangers on the road. With the holiday season around the corner, it is likely that residents will see an increase in large trucks used to deliver packages and gifts to individuals across the nation. Because of that, truck drivers are expected to travel long distances and make timely deliveries; however, this could present some incidences of negligence or recklessness behind the wheel.

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