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January 2016 Archives

Do collision avoidance systems reduce rear-end auto accidents?

Motorists and passengers in Montana and elsewhere travel in vehicles with the expectation that they will be able to make it to their final destination safely. While a driver has some control of their safety while traveling on the roadways, this does not protect them from the dangers and hazards negligent and reckless drivers present on the roads. Nonetheless, automobile manufacturers seek to improve the safety of the driving experience by alerting drivers when an accident is imminent. The hope is that technology could be used to reduce and prevent accidents from ever occurring.

Correlation between pilot age and aviation accidents

Whether a Billings resident flies in airplanes often or not, most airline passengers have some concerns regarding their safety in the air. Much trust is placed in the pilot.However, a pilot might encounter circumstances that could lead to issues during taxiing, flight or landing. While situations such as weather conditions and mechanical errors are out of the hand of the pilot, most of the flight operations are based on the decisions of the pilot. Therefore, when pilot error occurs, this could be the major cause of an aviation accident or air taxi crash.

Helping family member navigate wrongful death suits

The loss of a loved one is difficult even when family members can see it coming. Therefore, it can be extremely difficult to cope with the loss of a family member in a fatal accident caused by a negligent party. Not only is such a death unexpected, but it also requires the victim's survivors to adjust to life without their loved one. Moreover, the wrongful death of a loved one can cause financial hardship on top of the surviving family members' emotional distress.

Learning safety lessons from past aviation accidents

For many residents in Montana, flying to a domestic or international destination is an exciting event. While some individuals maintain a general fear of flying, others realize that it is an effective and quick way to get to faraway places. Although flying is considered a rather safe mode of transportation, it is subject to some safety concerns that could result in an aviation accident.

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