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February 2016 Archives

We help Montana crash victims after an aviation accident

It is more common for automobile collisions to occur than aviation accidents. But, when a plane crash does happen, it is likely to cause a tremendous amount of havoc. Plane crashes result in serious injuries, casualties and severe damages. Crash victims are likely to endure much pain and hardship, while loved ones of those lost in the crash are left to deal with the emotional and financial pain.

Are private planes more dangerous than commercial airplane?

Flying commercially is fairly common for residents in Montana and other states across the nation. However, some individuals have the luxury to fly private. Whether a person owns and flies their own plane or they rent one, there are risks associated with private aviation. While all forms of aviation pose some form of risks to passengers, are private planes more dangerous than commercial airplane?

Montana road safety audits used to make road improvements

As a previous post discussed, Montana accidents are not only caused by the negligence of a motorist, but also could be related to the design of the road. Because of that, accident investigation is a critical step to take, properly assessing the cause of a car accident. When a road design flaw compromises road safety, state and local jurisdictions could be held liable for the accidents caused by it. Moreover, changes to the road or intersection will be required to promote safety and prevent future accident from occurring.

State investigating whether bad road contributed to fatal crashes

There are many causes and reasons for serious and fatal accidents occurring on Montana roadways across the nation. In most cases, a Montana driver plays a major role because it is their performance behind the wheel that controls the vehicle. If they are not attentive or reckless, he or she could lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident. There are also environmental factors or road conditions that play a role in an accident. While drivers are required to adjust their driving for inclement weather and road conditions, the design of the road might impact the safety of drivers. Because of that, it is important to fully investigate an accident to determine all the causing factors.

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