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Are private planes more dangerous than commercial airplane?

Flying commercially is fairly common for residents in Montana and other states across the nation. However, some individuals have the luxury to fly private. Whether a person owns and flies their own plane or they rent one, there are risks associated with private aviation. While all forms of aviation pose some form of risks to passengers, are private planes more dangerous than commercial airplane?

Although general aviation has become safer since the 1970's, the accident rate for private domestic civilian flights remains more dangerous than commercial fights. Moreover, the accident rate for private aviation has not budged much in the past decade. In comparison, the airline industry has improved their aviation accident rate in the U.S. by almost 80 percent in the past decade.

According to a 2010 National Transportation Safety Board report, the fatality rate for private planes is just over one death per every 100,000 hours. This report found that both the accident and fatality rate for corporate and business jet flights went down. Nonetheless, the rate for private plane accidents when up by 20 percent and the fatality rate went up by 25 percent.

When considering the reason for the increase in dangers for private flights, the report indicated that it was pilot error. Negligence by the pilot or errors made during flight resulted in the pilot losing control of the private plane. This ultimately leads to serious and fatal accidents.

It should also be noted that private aircrafts are often not equipped with the same safety features commercial airplanes are. This makes it more difficult for the pilot to regain control and avoid a plane crash.

Victims of a plane accident, as well as their loved ones, should take the time to consider the options available to them. If an accident was due to negligence or pilot error, it might be possible to hold them accountable for the damages and losses caused by the incident.

Source: News.Yahoo.com, "Why Private Planes Are Nearly as Deadly as Cars," Stephanie Pappas, Feb. 16, 2015

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