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May 2016 Archives

Baby products recalled due to safety concerns

Montana shoppers can enjoy the process of searching for gifts of new infants. And while many individuals are mindful of selecting products that will fit or be useful for the children they are shopping for, most people assume that if a product is on the shelf of a store it is safe for use by children of the appropriate age.

Do I have the right to sue for the wrongful death of my sibling?

The death of a loved one can be a tragic event in the life of a Montana resident. Whether that loss is of a parent, child, spouse or sibling, having to say goodbye to someone who was deeply cherished can be emotionally devastating. Death imposes further burdens on survivors as well, and often when an individual loses someone due to the negligence of another person, that survivor is left to cover the costs of providing the loved one with proper end of life services.

We represent victims of truck accidents

Just last week, this Billings-based personal injury legal blog discussed a terrifying accident involving a large truck. Large trucks, like semis and tractor-trailers, are ubiquitous, and it is nearly impossible for Montana drivers to travel very far without seeing them on the highways and roads. Accidents with large trucks can be devastating, and our law firm is prepared to help victims of these tragic incidents find the support that they need.

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