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July 2016 Archives

Who is responsible for my truck accident injuries?

Vehicle accidents send numerous Montana residents to the hospital every year. While some crash victims escape their ordeals with only minor bumps and bruises, others suffer life-altering injuries that can leave them with permanent disabilities and unresolved health problems. Often, when a victim's collision involves a large truck or commercial vehicle, that person's ailments are significant.

What parts of my car may be affected by an auto defect?

Modern automobiles are complicated machines. The vehicles that some Billings residents drive contain complex computers that control the machines' critical operations, such as shifting and acceleration. Aside from the high-tech features that distinguish modern cars from their predecessors, today's vehicles also contain more recognizable parts, such as their frames, wheels, lights, and windows.

Drunk drivers can inflict serious harm through car accidents

Drinking and driving is a dangerous combination of activities. Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize the risks associated with consuming alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of their car. In Montana, innocent individuals incur serious injuries and even lose their lives as a result of car accidents with drunk drivers.

Runway incursions are a cause of aviation accidents

It takes more than an airplane and a pilot to get an airplane-load of people off of the ground. Anyone who has flown out of Billings Logan International Airport knows that there is a whole host of support and maintenance workers whose efforts are necessary to keep air travel efficient and safe. Some individuals who are employed by airlines and airports serve as tarmac workers. These are the individuals who are responsible for loading baggage onto planes, guiding aircrafts in and out of their gates, and performing many other tasks.

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