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August 2016 Archives

You may be entitled to compensation for a products liability case

Birthdays, holidays and anniversaries are all special occasions on which some Billings residents give each other gifts. While a well thought-out gift can be a very special way to show a loved one how much they are appreciated, from time-to-time, the gifts that individuals give each other fail to perform as they should. In particularly unfortunate cases, gifts that are poorly manufactured or improperly designed can cause individuals physical trauma and harm.

How can comparative negligence affect car accident litigation?

Car accidents are often caused by negligent drivers. When distractions, alcohol and other diversions take the focus of a Montana driver off of the road and place it on something or someone else, that driver can quickly lose control of their vehicle and create a dangerous situation on the road. However, not all accidents are caused by the mistakes of just one person. In some cases, the combined negligence of multiple parties can cause automobile collisions and can augment their severity.

Fatal car accident results from detached truck load

A variety of vehicles travel the highways and roads of Montana. From large semis and tractor-trailers to compact personal vehicles, there is a diversity of automotive functionality and size that one may see when out for a drive. Most of the time different vehicles are able to safely operate without causing harm to other vehicles or their drivers and passengers. However, from time to time potentially negligent conduct on the party of vehicle operators results in other automobiles and their passengers suffering significant harm.

A products liability case study: drop-side cribs

A generation ago many Montana babies were brought home from hospitals and placed in brand new cribs in their nurseries. Often those cribs featured drop-sides that easily allowed parents to lift and lower one side of the structures to access their babies without reaching over the crib's upper edges. Though drop-side cribs were convenient and may have saved parents some wear and tear on their backs, they also presented the infants they contained with some serious products liability threats.

Are wrongful death and homicide charges the same thing?

When an individual dies due to the actions or conduct of another person, the surviving party may be charged with a crime related to the deceased party's death. Depending upon the type of conduct that the surviving individual engaged in his charges may be relatively minor or may include multiple serious offenses. In Montana and other jurisdictions throughout the country a party may face homicide or murder charges if he is responsible for causing the death of another person.

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