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September 2016 Archives

What is the difference between homicide and wrongful death?

A death can be a traumatic event for the loved ones of the deceased person. In Montana, certain relatives may file wrongful death legal claims against the person or party who causes the death of a victim; wrongful death lawsuits are often filed after criminal matters related to the death are resolved. Because criminal charges, like murder and manslaughter, are sometimes alleged against individuals accused of wrongful death, readers may wonder just what the differences are between these claims.

Negligence and the reasonable person in a car accident case

A car accident can inflict significant physical and emotional harm on a victim. Montana residents who have suffered losses as a result of vehicle crashes might understand how to go about getting compensation for their accident-related damages. Recovering damages after a crash can often require the injured party to initiate a civil lawsuit based on negligence and demonstrate that the responsible party acted unreasonably when the accident occurred.

Common elements of a truck accident lawsuit

A vehicle accident with a large truck or big rig can leave a Montana resident with serious injuries. The long-term needs of the victim may require the individual to expend significant money and time to rehabilitate and recover. As a result, the person may lose out on opportunities to earn money, save for the future and live an everyday normal life.

Reality TV personality killed in airplane crash

Last week an airplane crash in western Montana claimed the lives of two men. One of the men was the pilot of the Cessna 182 and the other, a passenger, was a personality on the reality television program, Ice Road Truckers. His name was Darrell Ward and he was traveling to the state to begin filming a new television series. Both men were in their fifties and died in the fiery incident.

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