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Driver's loss of vehicle control leads to dangerous car accident

Montana drivers must contend with a number of obstacles when they get into their vehicles. Their own health and levels of rest can create issues with their coordination and focus. The presence of passengers or other in-car distractions can impact how well they are focused on their driving. Unexpected complications like animals and debris in the roadways can cause them to have to act fast to avoid collisions.

For example, recently a vehicle traveling through the state on Interstate 90 experienced a very scary situation when the driver saw a deer in the roadway. The driver's reaction resulted in his own vehicle losing control and rolling over. Because of that driver's loss of control, two other vehicles became involved in the accident, putting two more drivers in harm's way.

Thankfully, though, the individuals involved in this serious three-car accident avoided significant injuries. But the incident nonetheless resulted in the closure of eastbound Interstate 90 for a period of time. It took more than an hour for rescue crews to get the victims to the hospital and road crews to clean up the debris before law enforcement officials could reopen the interstate.

When a driver takes control of a vehicle he is expected to operate it with care and reasonableness. The driver who caused this car accident lost control of his car after spotting an obstacle in the road and put other motorists in harm's way as a result of his actions. Depending upon other factors in the case, the other victims of this incident may choose to have their cases evaluated by personal injury attorneys to determine if they are eligible for compensation for their losses from their involvement in the accident and the initial driver's potential negligence.

Source: NBC Montana, "Eastbound lanes on I-90 near Missoula cleared after wreck," Taylor Winkel, Nov. 24, 2016

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