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December 2016 Archives

Avoid car accidents on dangerous winter roads

Montana residents can have a lot of bad weather to contend with as the temperatures drop and conditions deteriorate. From sleet and snow falling from the sky to ice and slush accumulating on country and mountain roads, conditions throughout the state can become treacherous in short periods of time. Recently local law enforcement officials offered some tips on how to avoid car accidents during these dangerous months of the year.

Damages from truck accidents can be devastating and extensive

Although modern vehicles contain some of the most sophisticated safety features that have ever been integrated into automobiles, an alarming number of people are injured and killed when their cars and trucks are involved in crashes. Residents of Montana suffer significant losses when they are the victims of vehicle collisions; those losses can be seriously exacerbated when the crashes involve large commercial trucks.

How many people die each year in aviation accidents?

Millions of people travel by aircraft each year to achieve their personal and work needs. While most are able to safely arrive at their destinations, some suffer injuries and even worse when they are involved in aviation accidents. Montana residents are affected when small carrier planes as well as large commercial jets suffer dangerous incidents.

Consider your rights to file a wrongful death lawsuit

When a loved one is lost in a tragic or unexpected way it can be painful for his surviving relatives to move their lives forward in his absence. All across Montana families are coping with the deaths of individuals who are near and dear to their hearts and who were taken from their lives entirely too soon. When an accident or incident that occurred because of another person's negligence robs an individual of his life, it is possible that the victim's relatives may have rights to sue the responsible party for their damages under a wrongful death lawsuit.

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