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January 2017 Archives

Drunk driver hits pedestrian after Montana party

Drunk driving is dangerous, and in Montana, it is against the law. Violators of the state's drunk driving laws can be criminally sanctioned with fines, jail time and other penalties. Victims of drunk driving accidents and collisions can help prosecutors ensure that drunk drivers are stopped. But, drunk driving accident victims also have civil options for pursuing their own losses against the reckless and dangerous drivers who cause their harm.

How does tread depth contribute to a tire blowout car accident?

In November this Montana personal injury law blog introduced the topic of tire blowouts as a cause of vehicle accidents. A tire blowout can cause a driver to lose control of his automobile and the results of these incidents can be deadly. This blog post will look into one of the main causes of tire blowouts: deficient tire treads.

Defects in plane parts can lead to aviation accidents

Like the automobiles that Montana residents drive, airplanes are complex machines made of a multitude of different, specialized pieces. All of those pieces must be carefully crafted and then precisely placed within the build of the aircraft in order for the machine to operate properly; when a mistake is made in the manufacturing or construction of an aircraft it can create a dangerous and potentially fatal problem for the pilot and passengers of the vessel.

How can a trucking log help me prove my truck accident damages?

Prior posts on this Billings personal injury law blog have discussed the traumatic and sometimes deadly injuries that victims can sustain when they are involved in truck accidents. Big rigs, semis and other massive vehicles can cause more damage to other automobiles and motorists than their smaller roadway counterparts due to their need for increased stopping space and incredibly massive weights. As a result, more regulations apply to big trucks and their drivers than do to other types of vehicles.

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