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March 2017 Archives

Truck strikes disabled car in Montana, killing one

It is commonplace to find large commercial vehicles traveling on major roadways in Montana and other states across the nation. While semi-trucks and tractor-trailers serve a vital role in our society, these large vehicles pose many risks on the road. Even when truckers are trained to travel during the late hours of the night and maneuver their vehicles through any weather or obstacle, this does not always prevent a serious or even fatal truck crash from occurring.

Recoverable damages in a wrongful death suit

The loss of a loved one is a difficult event for anyone to process. While death is a normal and natural part of life, it is difficult for individuals in Montana and elsewhere to accept the fact that a family member was suddenly taken away from them in a fatal accident. A surviving family member is not only left with the grief from their loss but also the financial hardships stemming from the tragic event.

Helping you navigate a wrongful death action

Death is often an event that is difficult for residents in Montana and elsewhere to cope with. While it is an unaffordable occurrence in life, it can happen at unexpected moments. A work accident, automobile collision or a defective product could be the cause of a fatal accident that suddenly and tragically took the life of a loved one away from you.

Fatal accident in Montana may be attributable to drunk driving

Two people are dead in fatal accident on a Montana highway following a head on collision that happened recently. This tragedy happened at nighttime, when visibility is reduced. According to authorities, one vehicle was heading the wrong way on the multilane road and was traveling faster than the posted speed limit.

Drunk driving accidents are a significant problem in Montana

A drunk driving accident happens when a driver who has alcohol in their system causes a collision with another vehicle, a pedestrian, a structure, or other object. Alcohol can impact a driver's ability to perceive road hazards, anticipate driving problems, and respond to changing circumstances while behind the wheel. In Montana, drunk drivers are a big problem and have caused a heartbreaking number of fatalities.

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