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Products Liability Archives

What is necessary when filing a products liability claim?

Whether it is when you are driving a personal vehicle, using a household item, applying beauty products, or using a power tool, when a product malfunctions due to a defect, it could turn into a dangerous product. Such a situation could result in a consumer suffering serous harm or even death. These matters spark various concerns about the well-being of the injured consumer and the potential safety of other consumers using the exact same product. Fortunately, these individuals may be able to protect their legal rights and recover compensation for their damages by pursuing a products liability claim.

Understanding products liability

Residents in Montana often rely on consumer goods to get through their day. Whether it is a household item, a motor vehicle, a tool, or an electronic, consumers often do not think about the dangers and risks that could potentially exist with their usage. Nonetheless, defects can and do exist, resulting in serious and even fatal consumer injuries.

Products liability and the unavoidably unsafe product

Dangerous products harm many Americans each year, and when they do, victims generally can seek compensation for their losses from the companies that put those products into their hands. This Montana personal injury law blog has addressed topics related to products liability in the past, and this week will explore a significant exception to products liability law: the unavoidably unsafe product.

What do I do if I receive a dangerous product for the holidays?

During the next few months, residents of Billings will celebrate a host of holidays and will share their love and appreciation for others through the giving of gifts. Giving presents to others can be fulfilling and fun for the young, old and everyone in between. While most individuals will give others gifts that are appropriate for their ages and interests, some people may receive gifts that prove to be unsafe.

Baby teething products given FDA warning

Over the last six years, ten children have died and hundreds more have suffered ill effects after using a homeopathic treatment to soothe their teething pains. As a result of these terrible issues, parents in Montana and throughout the rest of the nation have been warned by the federal Food and Drug Administration to stop using the products.

The FDA's dangerous product recall process

Most products that enter stores for consumers to purchase are safe. Whether they are food items, articles of clothing, or motor vehicles, they have passed safety tests applicable to their industries and have been released for public purchase. However, from time-to-time, some products are introduced to the public with defects or dangers that consumers may not initially see. When such products are discovered to be dangerous, they are often recalled and taken out of the market.

You may be entitled to compensation for a products liability case

Birthdays, holidays and anniversaries are all special occasions on which some Billings residents give each other gifts. While a well thought-out gift can be a very special way to show a loved one how much they are appreciated, from time-to-time, the gifts that individuals give each other fail to perform as they should. In particularly unfortunate cases, gifts that are poorly manufactured or improperly designed can cause individuals physical trauma and harm.

A products liability case study: drop-side cribs

A generation ago many Montana babies were brought home from hospitals and placed in brand new cribs in their nurseries. Often those cribs featured drop-sides that easily allowed parents to lift and lower one side of the structures to access their babies without reaching over the crib's upper edges. Though drop-side cribs were convenient and may have saved parents some wear and tear on their backs, they also presented the infants they contained with some serious products liability threats.

What parts of my car may be affected by an auto defect?

Modern automobiles are complicated machines. The vehicles that some Billings residents drive contain complex computers that control the machines' critical operations, such as shifting and acceleration. Aside from the high-tech features that distinguish modern cars from their predecessors, today's vehicles also contain more recognizable parts, such as their frames, wheels, lights, and windows.

Elements of a products liability claim

A previous post here discussed the recall of many popular child toys from a well-known American retail chain. Recalls are often issued when manufacturers learn of defects or other problems with their goods that may cause harm to the consumers who have bought them. When consumers are hurt or suffer losses as a result of injuries related to dangerous or defective products, those victims may have rights under products liability theories of law to the recovery of their damages.

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