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Driver fatigue an understated cause of car accidents

In Montana and throughout the nation, it is known how dangerous it is to drive drunk. A drunk driving accident can cause injury and death. Alcohol causes drivers to lose reaction time, have impaired judgment and more. However, another issue that is considered at least as dangerous than drunk driving is drowsy driving. Understanding the possibility that a driver was falling asleep at the wheel can be a key component to a legal filing after a car collision.

Statistics show dangerous trend for teens in an auto accident

With the summer months and the end of school, there will be a greater number of cars in general on the road and especially more younger drivers. Those on the road in Montana must be cognizant of the dangers that young and inexperienced drivers present. A study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety indicates just how dangerous younger drivers are. Drivers age 16-17 were found to be nine times as likely to be in a car accident. They were three times as likely to be in a fatal car accident. In six out of 10 of these accidents, teens driving while distracted was a factor.

Protecting your rights following a car accident

Whether it is on a busy interstate or a country road, motorists in Montana face dangers and risks on every roadway on which they travel. When drivers share the road with other travelers, there is a chance that negligence or recklessness could lead to a collision. And when a car accident does occur, those involved often question how it happened and what they can do to make themselves whole again.

Who is likely to be a distracted driver?

Many parents of young drivers often urge their children to drive safely. This means wearing a seatbelt and following the rules of the road. However, for many motorists in Montana and elsewhere, this means driving without distractions. Whether it is talking on a phone, using a GPS, eating, drinking, or having a conversation, these actions are distractions and could the cause of a serious or even fatal crash.

Drunk driving accidents are a significant problem in Montana

A drunk driving accident happens when a driver who has alcohol in their system causes a collision with another vehicle, a pedestrian, a structure, or other object. Alcohol can impact a driver's ability to perceive road hazards, anticipate driving problems, and respond to changing circumstances while behind the wheel. In Montana, drunk drivers are a big problem and have caused a heartbreaking number of fatalities.

Drunk driver hits pedestrian after Montana party

Drunk driving is dangerous, and in Montana, it is against the law. Violators of the state's drunk driving laws can be criminally sanctioned with fines, jail time and other penalties. Victims of drunk driving accidents and collisions can help prosecutors ensure that drunk drivers are stopped. But, drunk driving accident victims also have civil options for pursuing their own losses against the reckless and dangerous drivers who cause their harm.

How does tread depth contribute to a tire blowout car accident?

In November this Montana personal injury law blog introduced the topic of tire blowouts as a cause of vehicle accidents. A tire blowout can cause a driver to lose control of his automobile and the results of these incidents can be deadly. This blog post will look into one of the main causes of tire blowouts: deficient tire treads.

Avoid car accidents on dangerous winter roads

Montana residents can have a lot of bad weather to contend with as the temperatures drop and conditions deteriorate. From sleet and snow falling from the sky to ice and slush accumulating on country and mountain roads, conditions throughout the state can become treacherous in short periods of time. Recently local law enforcement officials offered some tips on how to avoid car accidents during these dangerous months of the year.

Driver's loss of vehicle control leads to dangerous car accident

Montana drivers must contend with a number of obstacles when they get into their vehicles. Their own health and levels of rest can create issues with their coordination and focus. The presence of passengers or other in-car distractions can impact how well they are focused on their driving. Unexpected complications like animals and debris in the roadways can cause them to have to act fast to avoid collisions.

Tire blowouts are an unfortunate cause of car accidents

According to a study performed by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration more than 400 people are killed every year when their vehicles suffer tire-related problems. Additionally, more than 10,000 people suffer injuries when they experience tire blowouts, unnoticed flat tires and other tire-defects. More than 70,000 car accidents occur annually as a result of these deficiencies.

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