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Product liability insurance pays for damages in Montana

Many residents of Montana may have suffered because of a product malfunction. In Montana, it is illegal to deceive customers by selling defective products or making false claims regarding a product's function and utility. Defective products, wrong instructions or incorrect information about the product may lead to personal injury. It also may be fatal at times.

What are the toy safety standards per the CPSIA?

The holiday season is a time when children in Montana receive gifts from friends and family members. Many of those gifts are toys and those gifts are generally meant for the younger children, many of whom are not even teenagers. For those children's safety, it is important that a toy is safe because dangerous children's toys have been known to cause injuries among children, which can have some very long-term consequences.

What are the legal recourses against products liability?

Consumerism and capitalism is a vital essence of the American way of life. American businessmen and businesswomen, however, are not without any accountability, as every businessperson is responsible for the product he or she sends out in the open market for consumption by customers.

Fire truck maker issues recall after fatal Montana crash

There are basic precautions that all vehicle operators take, especially when it comes to ensuring that there is no reason to worry about any mechanism or component of the vehicle wearing down unexpectedly. Natural wear and tear of parts is also usually taken care of through periodic inspections and maintenance checks. As an incident in Three Forks, Montana, earlier this year demonstrated, however, a problem with even one vehicle part can cause serious accidents and fatal consequences.

Bonfire burn victim warned woman not to throw alcohol on flames

MISSOULA -- The 19-year-old burn victim from last weekend's bonfire explosion is in critical condition and will undergo a skin-graft surgery Thursday at the University of Utah burn unit, the victim's father said Wednesday.

Product defect claims lead to recall of Remington rifles

Hunting is a favored sport for many adventurous folks in Montana. Most people buy their rifles before fall to be prepared for peak hunting season. However, defects in these firearms could lead to fatalities.

Wal-Mart issues product recall on their $20 dolls

Yellowstone, Montana, residents should be very vigilant in using different items that are available on the market. Even products manufactured by trusted brands, sometimes, turn out to be defective, posing harm or danger to consumers. A defective product can cause injuries and even death, in some cases. That is why product manufacturers often issue a product recall to warn consumers about the imminent danger of using a defective product.

List of potentially harmful defective products for consumers

Billings, Montana, residents are careful about buying products. They often purchase items manufactured by brands they trust. However, even well-known companies may produce defective products that pose risks to consumers. Local residents should always check on the most recent product recalls to ensure the safety of their families.

Jury awards $5 million in compensation to cigarette smoker

Many residents of Billings, Montana smoke cigarettes, although there are inherent health risks associated with smoking. Although disclaimers in advertisements and on the cigarette packs often warn smokers about those risks, there is still a chance that a smoker who sustains a smoking-related disease can claim compensation.

Weight-loss dietary supplement recalled due to liver damage

Many Billings, Montana, residents may use dietary supplements to help with weight loss, weight control and general well-being. Dietary supplements come in various forms supplied by different manufacturers and help provide adequate daily intake of essential nutrients, such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Although such supplements seem beneficial, sometimes they come with certain risks, which may result in illness or injury to consumers. There is a potential danger that could harm the consumer.

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