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Two injured as small aircraft crashes into Yellowstone River

Aviation accidents are naturally far deadlier than accidents on the road. The reality is that when there is an incident in the air whether it is a private plane or a commercial plane, the speed the plane travels and the distance it falls if there is a crash make it likely that there will be serious injuries and fatalities. While flying is a convenient and enjoyable way to get around, there is no denying the danger that accompanies it. When there are aircraft accidents, those who were injured or lost a loved one need to be aware of how to seek compensation through a legal filing.

How could manufacturers be liable for an aviation accident?

Traveling by plane can be exciting. While some residents in Montana have flown countless time and are comfortable with it no matter how far they travel, others are less experienced and are apprehensive about traveling in a plane. No matter how seasoned a passenger, though, there are some risks associated with air travel. Media coverage often covers crashes caused by negligent pilots or airline companies, but other parties could be the cause or contribute to a serious plane crash.

Helping victims of aviation accidents recover damages

Taking a trip via airplane is rather common for residents in Montana. These are not only considered to be reliable forms of transportation, but they are also an extremely efficient way to travel long distances. While planes are a popular mode of transportation that are continuously used to transport a large amount of passengers each day, there are some risks associated with air travel. Whether it is a mechanical error or a pilot error, negligence can occur and result in a serious plane crash.

An overview of aviation accidents

Traveling by plane is a common way for residents in Montana and elsewhere to get around. While many people are aware of the dangers associated with traveling on the roadways, most are under the impression that traveling in the air is much safer. In most cases, air travel is very safe. However, with increasing air traffic there is also an increased risk that something could go wrong and an aviation accident could occur.

We are here to help after an aviation accident

The attorneys of Edwards, Frickle & Culver offer a diverse legal practice that focuses on the representation of individuals who have been harmed in personal injury accidents. Serving clients in the greater Billings area, the lawyers of the firm are prepared to work with individuals who have been hurt in local car, truck, and motor vehicle accidents, as well as those who have suffered injuries and losses in less common incidents involving aircrafts.

Challenges in pursuing damages after an aviation accident

Surviving a plane crash can be a harrowing experience. When personal aircrafts, corporate jets, and commercial airliners are involved in aviation accidents, the Montana residents who are on board them can suffer significant and life-altering injuries. Those who do survive often require medical treatment and care that can push their abilities to financially cope to the limits.

Defects in plane parts can lead to aviation accidents

Like the automobiles that Montana residents drive, airplanes are complex machines made of a multitude of different, specialized pieces. All of those pieces must be carefully crafted and then precisely placed within the build of the aircraft in order for the machine to operate properly; when a mistake is made in the manufacturing or construction of an aircraft it can create a dangerous and potentially fatal problem for the pilot and passengers of the vessel.

How many people die each year in aviation accidents?

Millions of people travel by aircraft each year to achieve their personal and work needs. While most are able to safely arrive at their destinations, some suffer injuries and even worse when they are involved in aviation accidents. Montana residents are affected when small carrier planes as well as large commercial jets suffer dangerous incidents.

We are here for you after an aviation accident

Car accidents happen every day. Collisions between trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians are also incredibly common. However, a few Montana residents will suffer the tragedy of experiencing an aviation accident. Whether she is a direct victim or the close family member of individuals who die in plane crashes, they suffer the unique experience of loss through a very unusual occurrence.

Reality TV personality killed in airplane crash

Last week an airplane crash in western Montana claimed the lives of two men. One of the men was the pilot of the Cessna 182 and the other, a passenger, was a personality on the reality television program, Ice Road Truckers. His name was Darrell Ward and he was traveling to the state to begin filming a new television series. Both men were in their fifties and died in the fiery incident.

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