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Sheriff injured in rear-end car accident in Montana

While a car collision can happen to anyone in Montana, it is unusual when there is a crash with a law enforcement officer. But, first responders and emergency personnel are just as vulnerable to a car accident and suffer serious injury and fatalities, just like civilians on the road. They also have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing. Though, all accidents victims may should make certain they are protected.

Texting and driving can be linked to work demands

People in Montana and across the nation are plugged in all day long. This reachability and access has its benefits and drawbacks. Being able to keep track and in contact with loved ones is a benefit as is the ability to call for help immediately. A negative, however, is the temptation to use technology at times when it is unsafe to do so. Texting and driving and other activities behind the wheel that lead to being a distracted driver are frequently cited causes of an auto accident. A new factor that is increasing this behavior is work pressure.

Two injured in rear-end car accident

Crashes on the Montana roads can be serious, but they are significantly more dangerous when they happen on highways. Given the speed at which vehicles travel, that there might be large trucks and the possibility of multi-vehicle collisions, an auto accident that happens on well-used roads can cause injuries and death. People who have been in this type of crash should remember what they might face in the aftermath in terms of medical expenses and long-term injuries and consider a legal filing for compensation.

Distracted driver statistics in fatal crashes believed to be off

When there is a car accident in Montana, the causes can be numerous. One of the most prominent causes is distracted drivers. Statistics are recorded and reports are issues as to these crashes. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has released its study on recent fatalities on the road and the causes show interesting results.

Alleged drunk driver runs red light, causes crash

When a drunk driver takes to the road in Montana, there are numerous dangers to drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and anyone else in his or her path. Because people who are under the influence will be subject to a lack of judgment, reflexes and even the ability to adhere to the rules of the road, there is a major chance that these drunk drivers can have an accident, causing injuries and death. When there is any kind of auto accident, those involved must be aware of the chance that it was because of a driver under the influence and understand that this can be an important factor in seeking compensation in a lawsuit.

New technologies increase the chance of being a distracted driver

Encountering a distracted driver is a danger in Montana and throughout the nation. In general, distracted driving is believed to be linked to smartphones, texting and driving and other activities on electronic devices. However, research from AAA says that "infotainment" technology installed in newer vehicles is serving to distract drivers. These new items lead to drivers taking their eyes off the road similarly to when they are checking a smartphone and it can lead to a car accident.

Study shows wide ranging beliefs about texting and driving

It is not unusual to see drivers in Montana and across the U.S. looking down while they are behind the wheel. Obviously, they are frequently looking at their smartphones or some other device under the belief that they can multitask and do so safely. Texting and driving is just part of being a distracted driver and it is inherently dangerous. Studies are often done to try and explain this behavior. One study from Progressive Insurance came up with interesting results as to the mentality of people who text and drive. This can be beneficial after there has been an auto accident and the accident investigation shows that it happened because of a distracted driver.

Driver fatigue an understated cause of car accidents

In Montana and throughout the nation, it is known how dangerous it is to drive drunk. A drunk driving accident can cause injury and death. Alcohol causes drivers to lose reaction time, have impaired judgment and more. However, another issue that is considered at least as dangerous than drunk driving is drowsy driving. Understanding the possibility that a driver was falling asleep at the wheel can be a key component to a legal filing after a car collision.

Statistics show dangerous trend for teens in an auto accident

With the summer months and the end of school, there will be a greater number of cars in general on the road and especially more younger drivers. Those on the road in Montana must be cognizant of the dangers that young and inexperienced drivers present. A study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety indicates just how dangerous younger drivers are. Drivers age 16-17 were found to be nine times as likely to be in a car accident. They were three times as likely to be in a fatal car accident. In six out of 10 of these accidents, teens driving while distracted was a factor.

Protecting your rights following a car accident

Whether it is on a busy interstate or a country road, motorists in Montana face dangers and risks on every roadway on which they travel. When drivers share the road with other travelers, there is a chance that negligence or recklessness could lead to a collision. And when a car accident does occur, those involved often question how it happened and what they can do to make themselves whole again.

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