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Product recall initiated for defective fire extinguishers

Montana residents who are seeking to ensure the safety of their home or workplace will make certain that they take steps to have items designed for safety on their premises. However, a problem that is not often thought about is whether the item that is designed to enhance safety is dangerous itself. A dangerous product can come in many forms and that extends to safety products. When there is a safety product that does not work correctly, it can cause double the damage because the initial reason for using it is still happening and is not mitigated by the product. If this happens, those who were harmed should consider filing product defect claims to be compensated.

Danger of fires from auto defects sparks recall of BMW cars

There are enough dangers on the roads in Montana and across the nation that drivers and passengers do not want to worry about an automobile design defect causing an accident. Unfortunately, it has become commonplace that motor vehicles are not just coming equipped with air conditioning and a wide variety of radio station options, but auto defects as well. When there is a recall or a news story about a potentially dangerous issue with an automobile, people who have been injured or lost a loved one and did not realize it was due to an issue with the automobile must act by considering a lawsuit.

Used car dealer selling vehicles with unrepaired auto defects

Montana car buyers and car buyers throughout the U.S. are undoubtedly aware of the airbag defects that were deemed to have been responsible for numerous injuries and fatalities. The issues led to the airbag manufacturer Takata's bankruptcy and a seemingly endless stream of auto recalls to fix the problem. What many might not know about is that research has indicated that a large used car seller with a prominent advertising campaign was found to be selling vehicles that had unrepaired safety recalls. Some were due to the inflators in the Takata airbags.

Defective auto part in Ram trucks sparks recall

For many in Montana, a pickup truck is a necessity of daily living. They use these vehicles for work and for recreation and expect it to work hard and be of top quality for all the paces it is put through. However, as recent history has shown, there are times when auto manufacturers make mistakes when putting the vehicle together. When there are auto defects, people might not be aware of them before it is too late. If there was an accident with injuries or consumer death and an auto recall was made, it is imperative to know whether the pieces fit and a lawsuit can be filed.

Design defect in pacemakers makes them vulnerable to hackers

Products that are needed to function in everyday life are expected to be safe and trustworthy. However, Montana residents must be aware that there are times when these products - foods, automobiles, prescription medicines and even medical implants - might be dangerous in some circumstances. Even health products, like prescription drugs, do not elicit the same worries as an item that was implanted inside a person. It is in these circumstances that a medical issue or even death must be fully investigated to determine if a product liability case should be filed based on product defect claims.

Automobile design defects with Takata airbags sparks new recall

When purchasing an automobile, Montana residents will function under the belief that it is safe and the manufacturer has taken steps to ensure that all the equipment is free of an automobile design defect or a defective auto part. However, as recent history has shown, the safety equipment installed in the vehicle does not always meet the necessary standards for safety. The number of recalls due to auto defects is rising and has shown no signs of slowing down. When there is an accident due to a vehicle not functioning properly or the safety equipment injures a passenger, having legal assistance to consider a case is imperative.

What is necessary when filing a products liability claim?

Whether it is when you are driving a personal vehicle, using a household item, applying beauty products, or using a power tool, when a product malfunctions due to a defect, it could turn into a dangerous product. Such a situation could result in a consumer suffering serous harm or even death. These matters spark various concerns about the well-being of the injured consumer and the potential safety of other consumers using the exact same product. Fortunately, these individuals may be able to protect their legal rights and recover compensation for their damages by pursuing a products liability claim.

Understanding products liability

Residents in Montana often rely on consumer goods to get through their day. Whether it is a household item, a motor vehicle, a tool, or an electronic, consumers often do not think about the dangers and risks that could potentially exist with their usage. Nonetheless, defects can and do exist, resulting in serious and even fatal consumer injuries.

Products liability and the unavoidably unsafe product

Dangerous products harm many Americans each year, and when they do, victims generally can seek compensation for their losses from the companies that put those products into their hands. This Montana personal injury law blog has addressed topics related to products liability in the past, and this week will explore a significant exception to products liability law: the unavoidably unsafe product.

What do I do if I receive a dangerous product for the holidays?

During the next few months, residents of Billings will celebrate a host of holidays and will share their love and appreciation for others through the giving of gifts. Giving presents to others can be fulfilling and fun for the young, old and everyone in between. While most individuals will give others gifts that are appropriate for their ages and interests, some people may receive gifts that prove to be unsafe.

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