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The right approach after a mining truck accident

With the number of workers who are employed in the mining industry in Montana, accidents are frequently unavoidable. When these accidents happen, there can be a variety of reasons, from negligence when operating a vehicle or equipment, negligent truck maintenance, a lack of oversight in ensuring safety, a collision, falling objects and more.

Federal trucking regulations to test for sleep apnea canceled

Large trucks play a vital role in the nation's economy, while also providing an important service bringing goods back and forth. However, these vehicles are large, travel at very high speeds and the drivers are frequently under time constraints as to when they need to get their delivery to its destination. Montana residents are fully aware of these vehicles and might forget about the dangers they present, but a truck accident can cause serious injuries or even death.

The pause on new federal trucking regulations

As any Montana motorist can contend, the trucking industry is very noticeable on the roadways. This means automobile drivers frequently share the road with these massive vehicles that often make long hauls to deliver goods to consumers across the country. While drivers with specialized training operate semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, their training does not eliminate the potential dangers a negligent trucker could cause. Additionally, trucking companies can also be negligent by not following the federal trucking regulations currently in place.

Helping hold negligent truckers liable following a truck crash

Truck drivers have the same responsibilities as any other driver, which, generally speaking, is to drive safely. Nonetheless, these drivers are held to a higher standard. This is because truckers are likely to travel long distances spanning many consecutive hours. Additionally, semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks are massive vehicles. They do not operate and maneuver like other motor vehicles, making it imperative that truck drivers are properly trained to safely operate a large commercial truck.

What are major causes of trucker fatigue?

Each and every day, major trucking companies send fleets of semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks to deliver goods across the nation. While residents in Montana and elsewhere rely on the goods these vehicles deliver, these large trucks pose many risks. These risks and dangers are heightened when the drivers that control them are not fully alert behind the wheel due to long shifts, lack of breaks, and fatigue.

Truck strikes disabled car in Montana, killing one

It is commonplace to find large commercial vehicles traveling on major roadways in Montana and other states across the nation. While semi-trucks and tractor-trailers serve a vital role in our society, these large vehicles pose many risks on the road. Even when truckers are trained to travel during the late hours of the night and maneuver their vehicles through any weather or obstacle, this does not always prevent a serious or even fatal truck crash from occurring.

How can a trucking log help me prove my truck accident damages?

Prior posts on this Billings personal injury law blog have discussed the traumatic and sometimes deadly injuries that victims can sustain when they are involved in truck accidents. Big rigs, semis and other massive vehicles can cause more damage to other automobiles and motorists than their smaller roadway counterparts due to their need for increased stopping space and incredibly massive weights. As a result, more regulations apply to big trucks and their drivers than do to other types of vehicles.

Damages from truck accidents can be devastating and extensive

Although modern vehicles contain some of the most sophisticated safety features that have ever been integrated into automobiles, an alarming number of people are injured and killed when their cars and trucks are involved in crashes. Residents of Montana suffer significant losses when they are the victims of vehicle collisions; those losses can be seriously exacerbated when the crashes involve large commercial trucks.

Semi accident on Interstate 15 involves dangerous cargo

Semi-trucks are useful vehicles for hauling big loads. Many consumer goods like cell phones and clothing are packed up and placed on semis so that they can be moved from location to location. It is not unusual for Montana residents to see many semis on the highways and interstates when they are out and about, as the big trucks are popular vehicles with businesses throughout the nation.

Common elements of a truck accident lawsuit

A vehicle accident with a large truck or big rig can leave a Montana resident with serious injuries. The long-term needs of the victim may require the individual to expend significant money and time to rehabilitate and recover. As a result, the person may lose out on opportunities to earn money, save for the future and live an everyday normal life.

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