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Product liability insurance pays for damages in Montana

Many residents of Montana may have suffered because of a product malfunction. In Montana, it is illegal to deceive customers by selling defective products or making false claims regarding a product's function and utility. Defective products, wrong instructions or incorrect information about the product may lead to personal injury. It also may be fatal at times.

Handling product liability cases in Montana

Residents of Billings, Montana, may be aware that the Montana Supreme Court has issued strict regulations against personal injuries caused by defective products. Anyone who has suffered injuries because of a product malfunction may file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and seller and claim damages. The damages awarded can be for all medical costs, compensation, loss of income and, in some cases, legal costs and punitive damages. The accused business also may face permanent closure.

Compensation for death due to medical negligence

Residents of Billings, Montana, may have a friend or loved one who was injured or died due to medical negligence. According to Montana law, if a patient is injured or dies due a medical mistake, substandard care or misdiagnosis, reimbursement for medical damages and pain and suffering can be addressed through a legal filing.

How companies try to prevent product liability claims

During the lifetime of an individual, he or she will need various kinds of products. While some products may be necessary for day-to-day use, some may be necessary for meeting certain specific needs. It can be anything-medicine, life-saving drugs, medical equipment, food products, clothing, electronics, cosmetics and so on.

Seeking legal recourse after a car accident in Montana

As Montana drivers know, various factors contribute to motor vehicle accidents, including negligent drivers, defective vehicles, faulty highway design, poorly maintained roads and traffic devices, railroad crossings and weather. One of the most common, though, is the presence of negligent drivers.

Drunk driving accident injures woman in Billings, Montana

Drunk drivers are a menace on the streets of Billings, Montana, as well as the rest of the country. It is their negligence that leads to a number of automobile accidents, many of which result in injuries or fatalities. Sadly, despite stringent laws related to driving under the influence of alcohol, drunk driving accidents are a reality and one such incident recently played out in Billings, Montana.

What are the toy safety standards per the CPSIA?

The holiday season is a time when children in Montana receive gifts from friends and family members. Many of those gifts are toys and those gifts are generally meant for the younger children, many of whom are not even teenagers. For those children's safety, it is important that a toy is safe because dangerous children's toys have been known to cause injuries among children, which can have some very long-term consequences.

Residents beware! Montana has the worst drivers in the country

Residents of Billings, Montana, want their loved ones safe from car crashes when traveling on local roads. Various findings suggest that many of these crashes could be prevented if drivers simply had followed traffic rules.

Fire truck maker issues recall after fatal Montana crash

There are basic precautions that all vehicle operators take, especially when it comes to ensuring that there is no reason to worry about any mechanism or component of the vehicle wearing down unexpectedly. Natural wear and tear of parts is also usually taken care of through periodic inspections and maintenance checks. As an incident in Three Forks, Montana, earlier this year demonstrated, however, a problem with even one vehicle part can cause serious accidents and fatal consequences.

The complex side of Montana wrongful death claims

Victims of Montana vehicle accidents not only include vehicles, but they often also include bystanders, who are casualties due to other people's negligence. In particular, children tend to become victims because it is almost impossible for them to defend themselves against vehicles. In many cases, parents and other family members take the legal route to ensure that the person responsible for such a wrongful death is punished.

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