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Even basic insurance can keep Montana drivers from financial ruin

Under Montana law, all operators of motor vehicles must have insurance. Although self-insurance is theoretically possible for any vehicle owner, it is a complicated option that essentially requires someone to legally verify that they have deep pockets. There is an easier way to satisfy the state's legal requirement that a driver have a way to pay for the financial consequences of a car accident: liability auto insurance.

Compensation for death due to medical negligence

Residents of Billings, Montana, may have a friend or loved one who was injured or died due to medical negligence. According to Montana law, if a patient is injured or dies due a medical mistake, substandard care or misdiagnosis, reimbursement for medical damages and pain and suffering can be addressed through a legal filing.

Drunk driving accident injures woman in Billings, Montana

Drunk drivers are a menace on the streets of Billings, Montana, as well as the rest of the country. It is their negligence that leads to a number of automobile accidents, many of which result in injuries or fatalities. Sadly, despite stringent laws related to driving under the influence of alcohol, drunk driving accidents are a reality and one such incident recently played out in Billings, Montana.

The complex side of Montana wrongful death claims

Victims of Montana vehicle accidents not only include vehicles, but they often also include bystanders, who are casualties due to other people's negligence. In particular, children tend to become victims because it is almost impossible for them to defend themselves against vehicles. In many cases, parents and other family members take the legal route to ensure that the person responsible for such a wrongful death is punished.

Man dies in Montana pedestrian-car accident on Highway 212

Montana residents are probably aware that although Montana is not the most populous state, it has a very high fatal car accident rate when compared with other states. State transportation and police departments often conduct awareness campaigns to discourage distracted driving, yet may people die each year in Montana in car accidents caused by distracted drivers. Sometimes alcohol is responsible for the accidents while at other times it is speeding that spurs the crashes.

Montana ranks high in motor vehicle accidents

Montana residents are probably aware that the state has far too many car accidents each year. A recent survey report confirms this, stating that within the previous six months, 14 people have lost their lives on Montana highways. The total is up from the previous year, where there were eight fatalities over six months.

Drunk driver crashes with SUV in Billings

Many residents of Montana, along with state officials, have conducted initiatives to stop drunk driving. But despite their efforts, the menace has not stopped. Many drunk driving accidents have been reported in the state this year; while some victims escaped with only minor injuries, others were not so lucky.

More fatal accidents in 2013 than in last five years

According to a Montana Highway Patrol annual report, in 2013 Montana observed an increase in fatal car accidents over the last five years. The report states that more than 200 crashes were reported last year, leading to 229 deaths. This shows an increase of traffic fatalities by 10.5 percent. The fatal accidents have increased by six percent since last year. This report gives an alarming figure of one death in every 38 hours. It was also stated that during the hour between 9 pm and 10 pm, Saturdays and month of August were the most deadly.

Victim's parents sue Montana-based business for wrongful death

When someone dies as a result of the actions or inactions of another, authorities usually look carefully at the circumstances of the death to determine if one or more parties are responsible or negligent in any way.

Distracted driving can result in a wrongful death lawsuit

A wrongful death claim may arise from an accident caused by a person who failed to exercise due care. Billings, Montana, car accidents often result in serious injuries that can lead to temporary or permanent disability or instantaneous death. Increasingly, distracted driving -- texting or talking on a cellphone while driving -- has been identified as a bad driving behavior that often causes car accidents.

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