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Even basic insurance can keep Montana drivers from financial ruin

Under Montana law, all operators of motor vehicles must have insurance. Although self-insurance is theoretically possible for any vehicle owner, it is a complicated option that essentially requires someone to legally verify that they have deep pockets. There is an easier way to satisfy the state's legal requirement that a driver have a way to pay for the financial consequences of a car accident: liability auto insurance.

Compensation for death due to medical negligence

Residents of Billings, Montana, may have a friend or loved one who was injured or died due to medical negligence. According to Montana law, if a patient is injured or dies due a medical mistake, substandard care or misdiagnosis, reimbursement for medical damages and pain and suffering can be addressed through a legal filing.

Wrongful death: a question of negligence or consequence

A driver talking on the phone ends up causing a fatal car crash; a pedestrian slips and falls outside a shop whose owner did not put up warning signs for ongoing pavement repair; a doctor forgot to warn a patient about certain risks of a procedure which led to the patient's death. These occurrences may seem like entries from a catalog of horrors, but these are everyday cases of real negligence, which may result in the driver, shop owner or doctor facing a wrongful death lawsuit.

The complex side of Montana wrongful death claims

Victims of Montana vehicle accidents not only include vehicles, but they often also include bystanders, who are casualties due to other people's negligence. In particular, children tend to become victims because it is almost impossible for them to defend themselves against vehicles. In many cases, parents and other family members take the legal route to ensure that the person responsible for such a wrongful death is punished.

In Montana, auto accidents are a big concern for drivers

Being involved in an accident can be a driver's worst nightmare. Although most drivers tend to be careful while operating vehicles, the careless actions of a few drivers can drastically affect the lives of many. And many accidents result in yet another example of the consequences of negligent driving.

Some pointers on wrongful death lawsuits

If you are old enough, surely you remember where you were when you witnessed the acquittal of star football player O.J. Simpson in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 1994. He was not convicted because his guilt could not be fully established. A wrongful death suit may be filed by a person whose family member has died due to misconduct or negligence of another. In most cases, a wrongful death suit follows a criminal trial. The evidence used in this civil action is similar to that of a criminal trial but the standard of proof is lower. Simpson was found guilty of wrongful death following his criminal acquittal.

Man dies in Montana pedestrian-car accident on Highway 212

Montana residents are probably aware that although Montana is not the most populous state, it has a very high fatal car accident rate when compared with other states. State transportation and police departments often conduct awareness campaigns to discourage distracted driving, yet may people die each year in Montana in car accidents caused by distracted drivers. Sometimes alcohol is responsible for the accidents while at other times it is speeding that spurs the crashes.

Montana ranks high in motor vehicle accidents

Montana residents are probably aware that the state has far too many car accidents each year. A recent survey report confirms this, stating that within the previous six months, 14 people have lost their lives on Montana highways. The total is up from the previous year, where there were eight fatalities over six months.

Highway 312 collision leaves motorcyclist seriously injured

A person who has driven in Montana may have no idea of the routes in, say, New York City. But failure to know traffic patterns does not excuse the driver from any violation of local traffic laws, as a recent car accident demonstrates.

Montana law enforcement urges drivers to shun texting and driving

There would be many people in Billings, Montana, who would agree that texting and driving may not be such a good idea. However, those who do not agree need to understand that every year, thousands of people are injured in the United States in car accidents caused by distracted drivers.

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