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Plane crash kills four onboard; luckily, none on the ground

Aviation incidents often lead to very serious injuries as well as fatalities. Planes are often regarded as one of the safest modes of transportation and statistics show that they usually are. However, there are some known risks and dangers that accompany air travel, especially for non-commercial small plane flights. Montana pilots closely observe the various factors which can affect safe plane operation, including weather conditions, and they practice other safety procedures, such as plane mechanical maintenance, before taking to the air. These practices help reduce the number of small plane crashes.

What are some of the leading causes of aviation accidents?

Aviation accidents are inherently unpredictable. However, certain factors and threats are known to make a plane crash more likely. Montana pilots hear about a lot of aviation accidents annually and their awareness of known threats is a critical part of aviation safety.

Plane crash claims life of pilot, damages property

Plane crashes can happen throughout the entire United States. Most Billings, Montana, residents would agree that living near an airport can be dangerous and very risky in the event of an airline accident. If an aircraft crashes into someone's house in the vicinity of an airport, for whatever reason, there is a chance that residents living in near the airport can suffer serious injuries or even death.

What are some common reasons for Montana aviation accidents?

While it is indisputable that the phenomenon of aviation has transformed Montana life. It is necessary to remember that air travel and transport are made possible by a combination of machines, human ability and intelligence. Thus, human fallibility can cause unfortunate consequences that tend to be tragic on an unimaginable scale. However, it is possible to understand such incidents and thereby prevent repetition of avoidable errors.

Intoxicated pilot roles in aviation accidents studied

The frequency of aviation accidents in Montana or elsewhere in the United States is far less when compared to car accidents on Montana roads. When these aviation accidents do happen, however, they have the potential to cause more damage than any vehicular accident. A plane crash may cause extensive damage to property and also take hundreds of lives.

Aviation accidents can have devastating results

Compared with car accidents, the frequency of aviation accidents is far less in Montana and elsewhere throughout the U.S. But when an aviation accident does occur, it has the propensity to cause more damage than other types of accidents. Besides the loss of lives, a plane crash often causes considerable damage to property as well.

One killed in Montana plane crash

While flying, the thought of a possible accident due to a machine failure or any other reason often sits in the back of passengers' minds. Aircraft accidents are always serious, as victims rarely escape with minor injuries. Such was the case recently, when a pilot was killed after his aircraft crashed near a western Montana ski area.

Plane crash injures pilot and passenger

None of us ever expects that a plane would suddenly crash in our neighborhood. Fortunately, these accidents are rare, but when they do happen they can literally bring death and destruction from above, whether they happen in Montana or elsewhere.

Do cultural issues contribute to aviation accidents?

As the National Transportation Safety Board continues its investigation into the fatal aviation accident in San Francisco last July, new details about the case have been leading investigators to examine cultural issues. Some are wondering whether culture might have been a factor in the plane crash.

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