Toxic Environmental Pollution and Contamination

The Edwards law firm has specialized experience in toxic environmental pollution and contamination cases; we can assist you if your property has been polluted or affected by pollution. Our firm represents numerous land owners along the Yellowstone river following Exxon Mobil's pipe ruptured and spilled nearly 65,000 gallons of oil into and onto the properties surrounding the Yellowstone River. Montana law protects individuals whom have been affected and injured by environmental pollution. Montana law also provides for the cleanup of pollution in the ground or in the air above their property. Property rights are close to all landowners in Montana, we understand how special our "last best place" is and our legal system gives us the access and ability to make polluters clean up a toxic pollution accident.

Toxic environmental pollution and spills are not limited to rivers and streams. Communities across Montana have had pollution in and below their soils for decades remaining from major commercial industrial operations. Montana law also protects those individuals and property owners that are affected by toxic plumes and migrating materials under the surface or hidden underneath the surface. Unfortunately, Montana has a long tradition with corporate polluters, yet, thanks to access to the court system, regular Montana citizens can get redress for property and personal injury damages that relate to toxic pollution.