Aviation Accident Turns Fatal for Pilot

A helicopter pilot who gained a bit of reality show stardom was killed recently in an incident near Detroit, Oregon, when his aircraft crashed during a routine logging operation. The 54-year-old pilot died when a rotor flew off the helicopter and caused it to overturn in midflight and crash. The helicopter had been hauling logs when the pilot suddenly released them just before the aviation accident, an indication that he knew the aircraft was in trouble. The man is survived by four children and a fiancee.

The helicopter was owned by a Montana utility company that contracts with various logging companies. The man killed had been a Navy helicopter pilot and had more than 25 years of flying experience. He had previously been the pilot on the History Channel's reality show "Ax Men," which shows logging, including so-called heli-logging, as an extreme sport.

Aviation accidents involving helicopters, private aircraft or commercial airliners are among the most devastating accidents that can happen. Beyond the fatalities of a crash, aircraft parts and debris falling several thousands of feet from the air and crashing at high speeds often cause fatalities on the ground. If a passenger does survive, he or she is faced with the possibility of long-term injuries or permanent disability. Such circumstances lead to physical troubles as well as emotional and financial distress.

Those injured in aviation accidents may seek compensation for their injuries through legal action. Competent guidance can help determine if negligence led to the accident. Examples of such negligence might include defective aircraft parts, failure to perform regular maintenance or hiring and employing unqualified pilots. Like passengers, a pilot who survives a crash with injuries can also seek compensation from a negligent company.