Aviation Accidents Likely Caused by Risky Landings

Most people, Billings and Yellowstone County, Montana, residents included, can still remember the ill-fated flight of Asiana Airlines. There have also been other aviation accidents in recent months, all of them tragic. The irony is that many experts believe that all of the plane crashes would have been preventable if not for pilot error.

A "go-around" is an aviation term that suggests that at any sign of trouble during a landing, pilots should abort the touchdown and circle back and try again. However, a survey sponsored by the Flight Safety Foundation discovered that 97 percent of the 2,340 pilots surveyed decided to land the plane instead of executing a go-around. That has proven costly, not just in terms of airplane damage expense, but more importantly, in the lives of passengers.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration emphasizes that a proper approach to a touchdown is crucial to safety. Pilots are required to follow requisite checklists, configure the plane for landing and extend gears before continuing. A slight deviation from the requirements can prove catastrophic, which is why deciding on a go-around is a crucial decision.

People who decide to travel by airplane are placing their lives in the hands of the pilots and the airline companies from the moment they board the plane to the moment they step down from the plane. It is unacceptable that their lives are placed at risk because of such negligent decisions. An aviation accident is one of, if not the most, catastrophic accidents a person can experience. The damage to property is extensive and the risk of fatalities is high.

A Billings and Yellowstone County resident who is fortunate enough to survive a plane crash can have debilitating injuries. Injuries of this sort are not only physically and emotionally challenging but financially difficult as well. To help address these difficulties, a resident may wish to explore the possibility of a personal injury claim that can award him or her much-needed compensation for damages.


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