Helping you navigate a wrongful death action

Death is often an event that is difficult for residents in Montana and elsewhere to cope with. While it is an unaffordable occurrence in life, it can happen at unexpected moments. A work accident, automobile collision or a defective product could be the cause of a fatal accident that suddenly and tragically took the life of a loved one away from you.

While the term accident is used to describe the cause of death, it is often the case that the negligence of another party was the underlying cause of the incident in question. This can be difficult to ascertain, especially when you are grieving the loss of a family member and are dealing with his or her affairs.

At Edwards, Frickle & Culver, Montana Trial Attorneys, our experienced legal team understands the difficulties and overwhelming emotions experienced by those who lost a loved one in a fatal accident. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping residents in the Billings area understand their rights and properly navigate a wrongful death action.

Our skilled attorneys will help you assess the matter. By conducting an investigation, collecting evidence and obtaining expert testimony, our goal is to meet your needs the most effective way possible. We have help past client understand the cause of the accident, helping them successfully place liability on the negligent party.

TO learn more, check out our law firm's wrongful death website. A wrongful death claim could help family member collect compensation for losses and damages arising from the fatal accident. While this cannot bring back their loved one, this could help offset the hardships caused by the tragic matter.