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Our legal team serves the legal needs of ordinary people and businesses every day. We're committed to protecting individual rights against the indifference or excesses of such powerful institutions as multinational corporations, insurance companies and industrial polluters.

We've found that thorough investigation, solid preparation and highly developed courtroom skills can get the job done across a wide range of civil litigation problems. We therefore handle many different kinds of cases, including:

These are just some of the legal issues we help our clients with. As you can see below, we stay on top of recent legal issues our clients are facing, including oil rig accidents and Zofran litigation.

Montanans Representing Montanans: Recent Legal Developments

Our law firm stays on top of legal news and issues that impact Montanans. As a part of this, we handle all types of legal issues, including:

  • Prosecuting and investigating cases against GlaxoSmithKline for Zofran: Specifically for causing serious and severe birth defects when GlaxoSmithKline marketed and sold its product, Zofran, "off label" to pregnant women who were suffering serious nausea sickness. Our firm has seen the difficulties this "off label" marketing campaign has created on children and their families - with no fault of their own. If you believe your family may be suffering as a result of GlaxoSmithKline misleading you or your family about the potential impacts of Zofran, please call us.
  • Oil rig injuries and accidents: As the Bakken Shale in Montana and North Dakota continues to serve as a major source of oil production, the safety of oil rig workers and equipment operators continues to be jeopardized in the push for more energy.
  • Electrocution death experience for over 4 decades in Montana against major utilities: Edwards Law firm has settled serious electrocution cases against Montana utility companies over a four decade timeframe. The Edwards Law firm successful recovered a settlement when a sail mast came into contact with a low - hanging power line on the Missouri river near Great Falls, Montana, killing a Montana resident and injuring many more. The utility company had failed to ensure that the power line was at an adequate height before the mast came into contact with the low - hanging power line. The utility had been warned by other fisherman and boaters on the river that the power line was too low. The settlement ensured that the low-hanging power line was fixed and changed to the required utility standards.

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