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Helping hold negligent truckers liable following a truck crash

Truck drivers have the same responsibilities as any other driver, which, generally speaking, is to drive safely. Nonetheless, these drivers are held to a higher standard. This is because truckers are likely to travel long distances spanning many consecutive hours. Additionally, semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks are massive vehicles. They do not operate and maneuver like other motor vehicles, making it imperative that truck drivers are properly trained to safely operate a large commercial truck.

While federal trucking regulations are passed with the intention of making interstate and intrastate trucking safer, if a trucking company or trucker does not comply with these regulations, then a serious or even fatal truck accident may result. At Edwards, Fickle & Culver Montana Trial Attorneys, our legal team understands the damage and devastation that could follow a trucking accident. Thus, we are dedicated to helping residents in the Billings area understand their legal options following a truck crash.

How could manufacturers be liable for an aviation accident?

Traveling by plane can be exciting. While some residents in Montana have flown countless time and are comfortable with it no matter how far they travel, others are less experienced and are apprehensive about traveling in a plane. No matter how seasoned a passenger, though, there are some risks associated with air travel. Media coverage often covers crashes caused by negligent pilots or airline companies, but other parties could be the cause or contribute to a serious plane crash.

For example, a manufacturer may be held liable for an aviation accident. Many parts and components comprise an airplane. That means various manufactures are frequently used to build the various pieces of a plane and put them together. If any mechanical problems occur doing flight or a component malfunctions, this could give rise to liability for the manufacturers of those parts. Liability in these situations falls under the legal theory of strict liability.

Understanding the common causes of fatal motorcycle collisions

As a previous post noted, motorcyclists tend to face many dangers on the roadway. While the warmer months mean more motorcyclists traveling, whether alone or in large groups, it also means the potential for a serious and even fatal collision. When a motorcycle accident occurs, a rider could be thrown from their bike resulting in trauma to the head and body, even when a helmet is worn. This could ultimately result in catastrophic injuries and even fatalities.

Although riding a motorcycle can be fun and entertaining, it is also a dangerous activity. A rider exposes him or herself to many risks, one of them being negligent drivers. Unfortunately, when a negligent driver collides with a motorcyclist, there are only a few protections offered, such as a helmet and protective clothing, which do not always prevent fatal injuries.

Speed a factor in a fatal motorcycle crash in Montana

Now that spring weather is here to stay, motorists in Montana and other states across the nation can expect to share the road with motorcyclists on a regular basis. Whether it is a single biker travelling on his or her own, or a group of bikers, drivers are expected to use care and caution when operating their vehicles around motorcyclists. This means double-checking mirrors and blind spots, looking for motorcyclists when crossing a road or turning onto a road, and ensuring that they are not traveling too closely to a biker. Failure to uphold this duty of care could result in a serious motorcycle collision, as evidenced by one recent wreck.

Based on recent reports, a fatal motorcycle crash happened on the Billings West End. A 30-year-old man was killed in a crash that involved a pickup truck. According to the Montana Highway Patrol, the collision occurred when the pickup that was traveling northbound on 56th Street West failed see the motorcyclist that was approaching 56th Street West on King Avenue.

What is necessary when filing a products liability claim?

Whether it is when you are driving a personal vehicle, using a household item, applying beauty products, or using a power tool, when a product malfunctions due to a defect, it could turn into a dangerous product. Such a situation could result in a consumer suffering serous harm or even death. These matters spark various concerns about the well-being of the injured consumer and the potential safety of other consumers using the exact same product. Fortunately, these individuals may be able to protect their legal rights and recover compensation for their damages by pursuing a products liability claim.

What must be shown to succeed on a products liability claim? Such an action relies on the injured party to not only prove that the item was defective but also that a manufacturer, designer or retailer is responsible for the injuries and damages suffered by the dangerous product.

Understanding products liability

Residents in Montana often rely on consumer goods to get through their day. Whether it is a household item, a motor vehicle, a tool, or an electronic, consumers often do not think about the dangers and risks that could potentially exist with their usage. Nonetheless, defects can and do exist, resulting in serious and even fatal consumer injuries.

When a serious injury results from a consumer product, it is important that an injured individual understands what steps could be taken to protect his or her rights and interests. A products liability claim could be a vehicle through which the consumer can hold the negligent party accountable and even recover compensation for losses and damages.

Protecting your rights following a car accident

Whether it is on a busy interstate or a country road, motorists in Montana face dangers and risks on every roadway on which they travel. When drivers share the road with other travelers, there is a chance that negligence or recklessness could lead to a collision. And when a car accident does occur, those involved often question how it happened and what they can do to make themselves whole again.

At Edwards, Frickle & Culver, Montana Trial Attorneys, our experienced lawyers understand the complexities of a motor vehicle accident. Therefore, we are prepared to help car accident victims in the Billings area navigate a civil action in an attempt to recover the compensation they deserve. It is our goal to meet the needs of our clients, and we achieve that by listening to their goals and interests.

Who is likely to be a distracted driver?

Many parents of young drivers often urge their children to drive safely. This means wearing a seatbelt and following the rules of the road. However, for many motorists in Montana and elsewhere, this means driving without distractions. Whether it is talking on a phone, using a GPS, eating, drinking, or having a conversation, these actions are distractions and could the cause of a serious or even fatal crash.

Who is likely to be a distracted driver? While teen drivers and young adults are more compelled by technology because they rely on the various types of smartphone applications, they are not the only demographic to blame for distracted driving. In fact, parents and adults often have a difficult time steering clear of their phones while they are driving.

Suspect in fatal Montana accident arrested

The loss of a loved one is a difficult event with which to deal regardless of the circumstances. When tragedy, such as a fatal accident, strikes, the unexpectedness can be even more challenging to handle. In these instances, it may be difficult to navigate one's emotions, but this heartache shouldn't paralyze surviving family members into inaction. Instead, they should consider if they have legal standing to pursue a wrongful death claim.

One family may need to do this now after a fatal hit-and-run accident just outside of Great Falls. According to Montana Highway Patrol, the collision occurred on I-15 near mile marker 275 when a semi truck turned into the authorized only section of the median in order to get to a weigh station. During this illegal maneuver, the semi truck struck a Dodge Caravan despite the automobile driver's attempt to evade the large truck.

Helping victims of aviation accidents recover damages

Taking a trip via airplane is rather common for residents in Montana. These are not only considered to be reliable forms of transportation, but they are also an extremely efficient way to travel long distances. While planes are a popular mode of transportation that are continuously used to transport a large amount of passengers each day, there are some risks associated with air travel. Whether it is a mechanical error or a pilot error, negligence can occur and result in a serious plane crash.

No one expects to be involved in an aviation accident, but with so much air travel going on in society today, it is obvious why risks and dangers exist. At Edwards, Frickle & Culver, Montana Trial Attorneys, our experienced lawyers understand the great damage and tragedy that can follow a plane crash. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping surviving victims or loved ones of deceased victims understand their rights following a plane crash.

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