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Fatal car crash claims life of pedestrian

Montana pedestrians must always be vigilant of potential dangers on the road. This is especially true in the early morning hours when it can be difficult to see. At this time of day, there is a chance that drivers may be drowsy or under the influence, and distraction can be a possible risk. When there is a crash between a car and a pedestrian, the lack of protection that pedestrians have can easily lead to the crash turning into a fatal accident. Those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in this type of accident should know what steps to take after it has happened.

A fatal car crash claimed the life of a pedestrian in Missoula County. The accident happened around 4:40 a.m. when a 39-year-old man was hit as he tried to cross the street. The law enforcement investigation states that the deceased man and another man were crossing at the intersection when the accident occurred. The man who was hit was declared dead at the accident scene. The driver of the vehicle remained at the scene and was cooperative. The investigation is ongoing.

Design defect in pacemakers makes them vulnerable to hackers

Products that are needed to function in everyday life are expected to be safe and trustworthy. However, Montana residents must be aware that there are times when these products - foods, automobiles, prescription medicines and even medical implants - might be dangerous in some circumstances. Even health products, like prescription drugs, do not elicit the same worries as an item that was implanted inside a person. It is in these circumstances that a medical issue or even death must be fully investigated to determine if a product liability case should be filed based on product defect claims.

Close to a half-million people are being advised to update their pacemakers due to a vulnerability to hackers. The Food and Drug Administration said that the recall would take place for pacemakers that were made by Abbott Laboratories. This lab was formerly known as St. Jude Medical. There are gaps in the cybersecurity of the pacemaker and they could be exploited.

The importance of legal help in a Montana wrongful death case

There are numerous ways in which a person can be involved in an unexpected incident and have it cost them their lives in Montana. Those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in a wrongful death must be aware of their right to seek compensation through a legal filing. This can help with finances, medical bills, lost wages and more. Even if it is a situation in which they are not sure if anyone else is at fault, it is still wise to discuss the case with a legal professional who is experienced in a wide variety of cases to determine if there is a basis for a legal filing.

A fatal car crash is all too common for people on the road whether they are in a vehicle themselves, are pedestrians or are on a bicycle. The circumstances of such an incident should be examined to see if it was due to the negligence of another, as this can be imperative in a legal filing.

Motorcycle accident with truck kills rider

It is important for those on Montana roadways to be mindful of each another and share the road in a safe manner, whether they are driving a truck or car, riding a motorcycle or bicycle or walking. Observing the rules of the road and adhering to basic safety protocol is vital to avoiding crashes. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. One of the most dangerous types of crashes is a motorcycle accident. When there is a crash with a motorcycle, the rider can suffer severe injuries and death. Those who are affected by this must be aware of what to do in the aftermath.

An accident between a pickup truck that was carting a boat and a motorcycle left the motorcyclist dead. The pickup was making a left turn when the motorcycle hit the boat. According to law enforcement, the biker laid his bike in the road trying to avoid the crash. He suffered head and chest injuries and was declared dead at the site of the crash. Law enforcement also stated that both drivers had a green signal at the time of the accident.

Federal trucking regulations to test for sleep apnea canceled

Large trucks play a vital role in the nation's economy, while also providing an important service bringing goods back and forth. However, these vehicles are large, travel at very high speeds and the drivers are frequently under time constraints as to when they need to get their delivery to its destination. Montana residents are fully aware of these vehicles and might forget about the dangers they present, but a truck accident can cause serious injuries or even death.

It is important that federal trucking regulations ensure safety with these vehicles, but that is often contingent on the philosophy of the presidential administration. A recent decision has eliminated the plan to test truckers and train engineers for sleep apnea. Both the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration announced that they will not require testing for sleep apnea for operators. This issue was believed to have been responsible for train accidents in New Jersey and New York. Only one railroad in New York currently tests by its own choice.

Montana high in older workers involved in fatal accidents

In Montana and across the U.S., a greater number of people are working later in life. There are benefits to this, but there can also be drawbacks. Research indicates that many fatalities on the job involve people who are considered older. With this rise in people who are working at age 55 and older, there is information about the number of people in this category who are victims of fatal workplace accidents. In this research analyzed by the Associated Press, Montana was fourth in the U.S. for the number of older workers who died while working.

In Montana in 2015, there were 16 people age 55 and older who died in fatal workplace accidents. There were 36 deaths in total. That comes to 44 percent being at least age 55. Overall, the numbers were 12.58 deaths for every 100,000 workers. A minimum of 10 people within that age range died annually from 2006 forward. Across the nation, approximately 35 percent of fatalities in the workplace involved a person who was 55 and above.

Montana ranks low on national fatal accident statistics

It is an unfortunate reality that accidents will happen in a variety of different circumstances, and some of them will lead to death. A recent report from the National Safety Council examined how various states across the U.S. ranked for safety on the roads, at work and in the home. In this report, Montana came in as one of the nation's worst. The report says that the number of accidents that led to death and were preventable in the U.S. has reached more than 146,000. There are close to 41 million accidents overall.

Montana came in 47th in the rankings. It had the lowest percentage for road safety -- 11 percent -- in the country; 32 percent at home and in the community; and 39 percent in the workplace. For road accidents, when it formulated its report, the NSC examined assorted safety issues. Included were drivers who were impaired by alcohol, distracted drivers, older drivers, those who had children in the vehicle, those who were wearing seatbelts, people driving at excessive speeds, teens behind the wheel and road users who were classified as "vulnerable." Apart from teen drivers, the state was said to be "off track" in dealing with these issues. Fatigue is referenced as a growing problem with fatal car crashes. People who are driving while tired has been compared to driving under the influence in terms of lessened reactions and ability to self-regulate.

Driver fatigue an understated cause of car accidents

In Montana and throughout the nation, it is known how dangerous it is to drive drunk. A drunk driving accident can cause injury and death. Alcohol causes drivers to lose reaction time, have impaired judgment and more. However, another issue that is considered at least as dangerous than drunk driving is drowsy driving. Understanding the possibility that a driver was falling asleep at the wheel can be a key component to a legal filing after a car collision.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety states that driving tired can be just as risky as drunk driving. The report from AAA was released in December 2016. It says that approximately 21 percent of fatal car accidents are linked to a driver who was drowsy. Drivers who get five or six hours of sleep in a 24-hour time frame are two times as likely to be in an accident as drivers who get a minimum of seven hours of sleep. For every hour of sleep that is missed, the chance of a crash rises.

Automobile design defects with Takata airbags sparks new recall

When purchasing an automobile, Montana residents will function under the belief that it is safe and the manufacturer has taken steps to ensure that all the equipment is free of an automobile design defect or a defective auto part. However, as recent history has shown, the safety equipment installed in the vehicle does not always meet the necessary standards for safety. The number of recalls due to auto defects is rising and has shown no signs of slowing down. When there is an accident due to a vehicle not functioning properly or the safety equipment injures a passenger, having legal assistance to consider a case is imperative.

The embattled Japanese company Takata has added 2.7 million airbags to its ongoing recall. The news has been saturated with issues surrounding Takata-manufactured airbags and the latest issue was posted on the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Vehicles from Nissan, Mazda and Ford are part of this latest problem. Testing from the company found that there is a chemical drying agent that is used for the airbag inflators that might lead to a rupture. This can cause shrapnel to be sent into the passenger compartment.

Two injured as small aircraft crashes into Yellowstone River

Aviation accidents are naturally far deadlier than accidents on the road. The reality is that when there is an incident in the air whether it is a private plane or a commercial plane, the speed the plane travels and the distance it falls if there is a crash make it likely that there will be serious injuries and fatalities. While flying is a convenient and enjoyable way to get around, there is no denying the danger that accompanies it. When there are aircraft accidents, those who were injured or lost a loved one need to be aware of how to seek compensation through a legal filing.

A mid-morning crash of a private plane sent its two occupants to the hospital. The incident happened at shortly after 11 a.m. when the plane hit a power line and landed in the Yellowstone River. The people in the plane were a 70-year-old woman and a 53-year-old man. They were transferred for medical treatment by life-flight. No one on the ground or in the water was injured. It is not known how or why the crash occurred and the case is being investigated by law enforcement, the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration.

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