One-car accident near Cardwell kills Billings man, 57

September 12, 2017

A one-car accident on Interstate 90 near Cardwell killed a 57-year-old Billings man and left a 71-year-old man hospitalized Sunday afternoon.

According to the Montana Highway Patrol, the accident occurred when the left rear tire failed on the Jeep Cherokee, which was eastbound. The driver overcorrected, and the vehicle overturned, traveled through the median, and landed upright on the westbound shoulder, partially blocking the driving lane.

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1 of 2 drivers who died in semi crash was Montana man

May 11, 2017

MINOT, N.D. — One of two drivers who died when their semitrailers crashed in northwestern North Dakota has been identified.

The state Highway Patrol identified one of the drivers as 29-year-old Anthony Gonzales of Hamilton, Montana. The driver of the other semi has not been identified.

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Electrocution death experience over 4 decades in Montana against major utilities

July 21, 2016

Edwards Law firm has settled serious electrocution cases against Montana utility companies over a four decade timeframe. The Edwards Law firm successful recovered a settlement when a sail mast came into contact with a low - hanging power line on the Missouri river near Great Falls, Montana, killing a Montana resident and injuring many more. The utility company had failed to ensure that the power line was at an adequate height before the mast came into contact with the low – hanging power line. The utility had been warned by other fisherman and boaters on the river that the power line was too low. The settlement ensured that the low-hanging power line was fixed and changed to the required utility standards.

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Butte woman dies in crash near Worland, Wyo

Jun 27, 2016

A Butte woman died in a crash near Worland, Wyo., according to the Wyoming Highway Patrol. Donna Rollins, 38, was a passenger in the SUV that crashed about two miles north of the town on Thursday. The vehicle went onto the shoulder and the driver, a 61-year-old Deer Lodge woman, overcorrected, causing the vehicle to roll.

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Oil worker killed in fire, 2 others seriously burned near Watford City

June 20, 2016

Edwards law firm has recently settled a significant north Dakota oil field burn case. Our firm has significant experience handling burn cases in North Dakota and Montana. From workers injured and burned at the Colstrip power plant to an injured worker burned on the oil well site in North Dakota.

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Judge says waste water from Colstrip coal plant ponds is 'alarming'

June 16, 2016

A state judge expressed alarm at the estimated 200 million gallons of contaminated water seeping annually from leaky ash-storage ponds at a Montana power plant serving customers across the Pacific Northwest — a problem that's persisted years after the company and state officials reached an agreement to address it.

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Montana Supreme Court ruling favors Butte woman in debt-fraud case

March 10, 2016

In a recent decision the Montana Supreme Court set the stage for a Butte woman to seek a trial against a company she alleges defrauded her with promises of debt relief.

Billings lawyer Clifford Edwards, a lawyer for Susan Ossello, said he salutes the 5-2 decision issued March 2 that allows citizens and consumers a "fair shot."

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Montana high court sides with Butte consumer in debt-fraud case

March 8, 2016

BILLINGS - The Montana Supreme Court has cleared a path to trial for a Butte woman who says she was defrauded by a company that promised to help reduce her debts.

Billings attorney Cliff Edwards, one of the lawyers for Susan Ossello, said the 5-2 decision issued last week by the state high court is "a great big deal" and a clear victory for Montana consumers.

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Two people killed in I-90 wreck near Park City

February 14, 2016

Two people died in a fiery wreck involving a pickup and a semi east of Park City Monday night.

At about 9:45 p.m., the fatal crash on Interstate 90 near mile marker 430 was reported to Montana Highway Patrol. The occupants of the pickup died after the vehicle was passing slower traffic in the westbound lanes and the driver lost control in slick conditions. The pickup traveled through the median and into the eastbound lanes where it was struck by a semi, said Montana Highway Patrol dispatch .

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Bicyclist, 39, dies after being hit by pickup early Monday

February 9, 2016

A 39-year-old Billings bicyclist died on Monday morning after a pickup struck him in the Heights.

Billings police Sgt. Ronda Fox said in a news release that police were called out to the area of the Sixth Avenue North bypass and Swords Lane at about 6:45 a.m. for a crash.

According to Fox's release, a 35-year-old Billings man was driving a Ford pickup and struck the bicyclist near the pedestrian crossing at the intersection.

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One killed as Amtrak train collides with truck

December 14, 2015

One person was killed Monday afternoon when Amtrak's eastbound Empire Builder struck a vehicle obstructing a crossing near Kremlin at about 12:50 p.m., according to Amtrak.

The Havre Daily News reported that the train collided with a white pickup truck, killing one person and injuring two.

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High-speed police chases have killed thousands of innocent bystanders

November 6, 2015

More than 5,000 bystanders and passengers have been killed in police car chases since 1979, and tens of thousands more were injured as officers repeatedly pursued drivers at high speeds and in hazardous conditions, often for minor infractions, a USA TODAY analysis shows.

The bystanders and the passengers in chased cars account for nearly half of all people killed in police pursuits from 1979 through 2013, USA TODAY found. Most bystanders were killed in their own cars by a fleeing driver.

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Woman dies, two injured when semi hits car on I-90

October 27, 2015

BILLINGS — Authorities say a woman died and two others were injured when a semi hit their car on Interstate 90 near Hardin.

The Billings Gazette reports the crash happened Monday night.

The Montana Highway Patrol says a 67-year-old woman died when the truck rear-ended the car she was a passenger in.

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Drilling boom brings rising number of harmful waste spills

September 8, 2015

CROSSROADS, N.M. — Carl Johnson and son Justin are third- and fourth-generation ranchers who for decades have battled oil field companies that left a patchwork of barren earth where the men graze cattle in the high plains of New Mexico. Blunt and profane, they stroll across a 1½-acre patch of sandy soil — lifeless, save for a scattering of stunted weeds.

Five years ago, a broken pipe soaked the land with as much as 420,000 gallons of oil field wastewater — a salty and potentially toxic drilling byproduct that can quickly turn fertile land into a dead zone. The leaked brine killed every sprig of grama and bluestem grasses and shinnery shrubs it touched.

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2 killed, 4 injured in head-on crash in south-central Montana

July 7, 2015

BILLINGS (AP) – Two people were killed and four were injured in a head-on crash on U.S. Highway 310 in south-central Montana.

The Montana Highway Patrol says a northbound Chevy Malibu driven by a 66-year-old man from Mercer Island, Washington, crossed into the southbound lane near Bridger and crashed head-on into a Pontiac driven by a 29-year-old man from Powell, Wyoming, on Monday afternoon.

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9 Oil well deaths lead to warning about inhaling chemicals

May 18, 2015

Federal officials issued a warning about the danger of inhaling chemicals at oil wells following the deaths of nine workers in the past five years.

All the deaths involved people at crude production tanks. Colorado and North Dakota each had three deaths, and Texas, Oklahoma and Montana each had one death.

Most were initially considered to be due to natural causes or heart failure, but the men were later found to have all inhaled toxic amounts of hydrocarbon chemicals after tank gauging — taking measurements of oil or other byproducts in the tank — or takings samples of oil for testing, The Denver Post reported Monday.

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Sidney man dies in rollover crash

May 11, 2015

A 34-year-old Sidney man was killed and his passenger was injured in a rollover crash south of Sidney.

The Montana Highway Patrol says the man was speeding south on Secondary Highway 261 shortly before 6 p.m. Sunday when he lost control of his Chevrolet Camaro and crossed into the oncoming lane. He corrected back to the driving lane but went off the right side of the road. The car went through a barbed wire fence, into an irrigation ditch and rolled, coming to rest on its tires.

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Woman killed in I-90 crash in Granite County

May 09, 2015

A car heading west on Interstate 90 in Granite County veered off the highway and rolled Friday afternoon, killing a 20-year-old woman passenger and causing minor injuries to the driver.

The Montana Highway Patrol said the driver, also 20, veered off the westbound highway in a Chevrolet Cobalt around 4:40 p.m. and overcorrected getting back on. The car went into the median, where its tires dug into the grass and rolled the car.


When to chase? Questions arise after high-speed pursuits through Missoula

March 30, 2015

A few more steps on March 13 and Candice Mancini would have been hit by the black SUV barreling through downtown Missoula, its driver intent on eluding the fleet of police hot on his tail.

Mancini and another group of pedestrians made it safely to the sidewalk and watched in horror as the SUV, driven by fugitive Jon Ryan Fischer, 42, swerved to avoid a cyclist and another car at the intersection of Higgins Avenue and Broadway.

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Downtown Hardee’s worker injured in assault

February 20, 2015

An employee of Hardee’s restaurant in downtown Billings went to the hospital Thursday night, and a transient is in custody after an assault in which the employee tried to assist a man in the restaurant’s parking lot.

Billings Police Sgt. Shane Winden said Friday that the employee suffered serious injuries but was in stable condition after being taken by ambulance to Billings Clinic.

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Train derailment sends crude oil cars into Kanawha River; explosions erupt

February 16, 2015

UPDATE 11 p.m. Monday — CSX announced it was continuing an assessment to determine the number of cars derailed and the oil spilled. It said crews were working to contain oil found in Armstrong Creek that runs parallel to the company’s tracks. The company also said fires around some of the wrecked cars would be allowed to burn out.

The company will open a Community Outreach Center Tuesday morning at Glen Farris Inn.

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DEQ director: Agency didn’t follow Yellowstone spill recommendations

January 28, 2015

While requesting approval of a $62 million annual budget Tuesday, Department of Environmental Quality managers had to answer some difficult questions about the large oil spill near Glendive.

DEQ managers testified before the Natural Resources Appropriations subcommittee during the first of four days of testimony on their budget.

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Breach in pipeline found; cancer-causing agent detected in water

January 20, 2015

GLENDIVE — Eastern Montana residents rushed to stock up on bottled water Tuesday after authorities detected a cancer-causing component of oil in public water supplies downstream of a Yellowstone River pipeline spill.

Elevated levels of benzene were found in water samples from a treatment plant that serves about 6,000 people in the agricultural community of Glendive, near North Dakota.

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Pipeline breach spills oil into Yellowstone River

January 18, 2015

Montana officials said Sunday that an oil pipeline breach spilled up to 50,000 gallons of oil into the Yellowstone River near Glendive, but they said they are unaware of any threats to public safety or health.

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Heron woman killed in crash with logging truck on icy road

January 13, 2015

HELENA (AP) — A 54-year-old woman was killed when the trailer of a logging truck slid into car in the northwestern Montana town of Heron.

The Montana Highway Patrol says the logging truck was eastbound and slowing to make a right hand turn when the trailer slid into the path of the woman's westbound car.

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Woman dies when car hit by sliding logging truck

January 13, 2015

HELENA — A 54-year-old woman was killed when the trailer of a logging truck slid into car in the northwestern Montana town of Heron.

The Montana Highway Patrol said the logging truck was eastbound Monday morning and slowing to make a right hand turn when the trailer slid into the path of the woman's westbound car.


Train hits bus, killing driver, 1 student and injuring 12 more

January 05, 2015

LARIMORE, N.D. -- A bus returning students home after school here Monday struck a westbound train, killing the driver, 62-year-old Max Danner, and a 17-year-old girl.

The crash also injured the dozen other student passengers who were admitted to hospitals across the region. Some students sustained multiple injuries, but no conditions were released Monday night.

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The Downside of the Boom

November 22, 2014

WILLISTON, N.D. — In early August 2013, Arlene Skurupey of Blacksburg, Va., got an animated call from the normally taciturn farmer who rents her family land in Billings County, N.D. There had been an accident at the Skurupey 1-9H oil well. "Oh, my gosh, the gold is blowing," she said he told her. "Bakken gold."

It was the 11th blowout since 2006 at a North Dakota well operated by Continental Resources, the most prolific producer in the booming Bakken oil patch. Spewing some 173,250 gallons of potential pollutants, the eruption, undisclosed at the time, was serious enough to bring the Oklahoma-based company’s chairman and chief executive, Harold G. Hamm, to the remote scene.

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No changes at Missoula County jail, despite inmate's 2009 death

November 1, 2014

There have been no changes in policy and no one has been disciplined or fired at the Missoula County jail, despite the 2009 death of Heather Holly Wasson, who died in a seizure brought on by alcohol withdrawal about 36 hours after she was jailed for a probation violation.


Missoula County Must Pay $565K for Inmate Death

October 31, 2014

MISSOULA - A jury rules Missoula County must pay $565,500 in damages to the family of a woman who died in the detention center in 2009.

The ruling was made in Missoula County District Court last Friday stating county officials were 65% responsible for the death of 31-year-old Heather Holly Wasson. Wasson died of an alcohol withdrawal seizure after she was jailed on a probation violation.


Missoula County must pay $565K for inmate's death

October 30, 2014

MISSOULA — Missoula County must pay $565,500 in damages to the family of a woman who died of a seizure in the county detention center in 2009.

A Missoula District Court jury ruled that county officials were mostly responsible for the death of Heather Holly Wasson, 31. Wasson died of an alcohol withdrawal seizure about 36 hours after she was jailed on a probation violation.


Static electricity, lack of fire-retardant clothing to blame in fatal gas field blast

September 30, 2014

Edwards, Frickle & Culver, Montana Trial Attorneys, with members licensed in Montana and Wyoming, is experienced with oil and gas field explosions, injuries, and burns; recently, on behalf of a burn injured oil field worker the firm has successfully recovered a substantial 8 figure settlement against one of the industries major players. See firm website and news special. The injured victim did not have fire resistant clothing on at the time he incurred severe burns, contributing to his injuries.


At least 5 killed in fiery crash

June 23, 2014

HELENA - A fire engine and a pickup truck collided on U.S. Highway 12 in southwestern Montana, causing an explosion and fire that killed six people, including three children.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Bob Gleich said the collision happened about 9 p.m. Thursday about 10 miles east of Helena, forcing both vehicles into the ditch. Witnesses said the vehicles immediately caught fire, and Gleich says they melted together in the resulting inferno.


Bonfire burn victim warned woman not to throw alcohol on flames

June 20, 2014

MISSOULA -- The 19-year-old burn victim from last weekend's bonfire explosion is in critical condition and will undergo a skin-graft surgery Thursday at the University of Utah burn unit, the victim's father said Wednesday.

Steve Keller said his son, Mat Keller, was at a gathering early Sunday morning in the 600 block of South Fifth Street East when the resident of the home poured denatured alcohol on the dwindling fire. Mat was sitting next to the fire on a couch or an outdoor chair, but wasn't drinking, Steve said.


Feds aren't inspecting 4 in 10 higher-risk wells

June 20, 2014

NEW CASTLE, Colo. (AP) -- Four in 10 new oil and gas wells near national forests and fragile watersheds or otherwise identified as higher pollution risks escape federal inspection, unchecked by an agency struggling to keep pace with America's drilling boom, according to an Associated Press review that shows wide state-by-state disparities in safety checks.


Feds behind on oil well inspections in Dakotas

June 20, 2014

BISMARCK, N.D. -- Federal oil field inspectors are hustling to clear a backlog of hundreds of uninspected well sites on public and tribal lands in North Dakota, amid the explosion of drilling activity.

The Bureau of Land Management, which oversees drilling on federal land, said agency regulators are being brought in from other states to supplement North Dakota staff, with a goal by year's end to catch up with inspections on "high priority" sites.


Texas Supreme Court says train-wreck trial to stay in Midland.

June 5, 2014

The Midland (TX) Reporter-Telegram (5/19, Basco, 44K) reports that Texas’ Supreme Court last Thursday upheld the state Court of Appeals’ ruling that a civil trial involving Union Pacific over a November 15, 2012 train wreck should remain in Midland. The state Supreme Court ultimately has the power to decide on the trial’s venue, however. The paper notes that plaintiffs in the lawsuit have been trying to have it heard in Dallas, in hope of consolidating their case with another that’s similar in nature.


Hyundai recalling more than 100,000 SUVs for air bags.

June 5, 2014

The AP (5/18) reports that Hyundai is putting out a recall for 137,500 Tucson SUVs from the 2011-2014 model years for air bag issues, as "the air bags aren’t correctly mounted to the steering wheel." The company found out about the air bag issue from warranty claims and determined that the problem is from improper installation. So far, there are no injuries related to the problem.
Reuters (5/18, Beech) reports that NHTSA documents also show that Hyundai is recalling an additional 3,500 2011-2014 Tucsons in Puerto Rico.


Three die after bus plows into stopped traffic near Gillette

May 14, 2014

Authorities spent Wednesday notifying families of the deaths of three people killed in an eight-vehicle crash on Highway 59, 10 miles south of Gillette.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol will release their names after families are notified, Maj. Perry Jones said.


Study: N.D. oil worker death rate 6 times U.S. average

May 13, 2014

WILLISTON, N.D. — North Dakota has the country's highest death rate for workers in the oil, gas and mining sector, at more than six times the national average, and an even higher rate among construction workers, according to a new report from the nation's largest labor union.

The AFL-CIO report, compiled from data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, found that North Dakota had a rate of 104 deaths per 100,000 workers in the oil, gas and mining industry in 2012. The national average was 15.9 deaths per 100,000 for the industry.

And at 97.4 deaths per 100,000 workers, the state's construction fatality rate was nearly ten times the national rate for that industry, according to the report.


Glasgow man dies while working in ND oil fields

April 29,2014

BILLINGS - Details are emerging about a Montana man who was killed while working in the North Dakota oil fields.

Glasgow residents report that 21-year-old Zach Buckles was killed early Monday while working in McKenzie County.

Vice President of Public Relations for Continental Resources Kristin Miskovsky confirmed Tuesday there was a fatality, but this person was not employed by the company.


Wise County couple gets $3 million in fracking suit

April 23, 2014

A Wise County couple has been awarded $3 million by a Dallas jury in their suit against a Plano gas drilling company.

Bob and Lisa Parr sued Aruba Petroleum of Plano in 2011, claiming spills and emissions from the company’s hydraulic fracturing operations had contaminated their 40-acre ranch in Decatur. They argued the pollution made them sick, as well as their pets and livestock. At times they were forced to evacuate the property, they said.


25-year-old Paralyzed, nearly killed in construction accident returns to Ronan to continue rehabilitation

Mar 30, 2014

RONAN - Cathy Marmon started keeping a daily journal on Sept. 10, 2013.

Except for writing in the dates at the top, the first several pages are blank.

That day, and ensuing ones, were a blur then and remain one now. There was the phone call every parent dreads, to Cathy, who works at Valley Bank in Ronan, and her husband Dave, Ronan's street supervisor and assistant fire chief.


Man injured in oil rig fire in western N.D.

Mar 26, 2014

BISMARCK, N.D. — Officials say a worker was injured when an oil drill rig caught fire in western North Dakota.

A statement from the McKenzie County Sheriff's Department says Brian Busby suffered non-life threatening burns on his head and hands when the oil rig caught fire Tuesday afternoon near Watford City. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment.


Special Report: Danger in the Bakken- 2 parts

Feb 4, 2014

BILLINGS - The Bakken 0ilfield is an opportunity for the blue collar worker to make a six-figure income.

Part 1

BILLINGS - The areas of eastern Montana and western North Dakota draw in thousands of young men looking for work in the oil fields. But that wasn't the case for Gary Roberts.

Part 2

Attorneys: Multimillion-dollar deal in Bakken fire

November 21, 2013

A Montana man severely burned in a Bakken oil patch fire has reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with a Texas company accused of providing him insufficient training and equipment, according to attorneys for the plaintiff and court documents.


Stahl family settles wrongful-death lawsuit against city, county

May 4, 2012

The family of a Billings nurse who was killed by a drunken young motorist being chased by police has agreed to settle their wrongful-death lawsuit for $400,000. Billings attorney Chris Edwards, representing the family of 27-year-old Lillian Stahl, said the settlement was reached Friday. Under the settlement, the city of Billings and Yellowstone County will each give the family $200,000.


UM keeps mum on reasons for O'Day, Pflugrad firings

April 1, 2012

Why? Why were University of Montana Grizzlies football coach Robin Pflugrad and athletic director Jim O'Day fired?


Lawsuit over Exxon spill sent back to state court

February 21, 2012

A federal judge has returned to state court a lawsuit by Montana landowners whose property was contaminated with crude oil from a broken Exxon Mobil pipeline.


Passenger in deadly Montana bus crash files suit

February 14, 2012

A passenger in a western Montana bus crash that left two people dead and 32 injured filed a lawsuit Tuesday in state court accusing Rimrock Stages, Inc. and Greyhound Lines, Inc. of negligence. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 77-year-old Claude Oulman of Butte, who remains hospitalized following the Jan. 8 crash along an icy stretch of Interstate 90 near Clinton. An initial investigation by Montana Highway Patrol estimated the bus was traveling at 65 to 70 miles an hour when it slipped off the highway and rolled onto its side. The lawsuit - filed Tuesday in state district court in Yellowstone County - alleges the driver was rushing to stay on schedule and reach his next destination in Missoula. "He was pressured to stay on schedule, and that's the reason he was driving 65-miles an hour on a skating rink," said Christopher Edwards, one of Oulman's attorneys.


JP Hires Noted Lawyer

February 1, 2012

A Butte justice of the peace facing a torrent of felony drug charges has picked up a prominent Montana lawyer to help in his defense. Billings attorney Cliff Edwards told The Montana Standard Tuesday that he has agreed to defend Bob Lee against the dozens of charges accusing him of illegally obtaining prescription drugs in two counties. Edwards said he chose to represent Lee because he's known him a long time and considers him a friend.


Exxon increases estimate of Yellowstone River oil spill by 50%

January 19, 2012

ExxonMobil agreed Thursday to pay the state of Montana $1.6 million in penalties over water pollution caused by a pipeline break last July that fouled dozens of miles of shoreline along the scenic Yellowstone River.


Victim describes surviving 'really freaky' bus wreck

January 9, 2012

MISSOULA - Doug Taylor remembers somebody saying a heartfelt "Oh Jesus" just as the Rimrock Stages bus careened into the median on Interstate 90 early Sunday morning. As the bus slid out of control, bounced onto its side, turned upright again and rolled onto its side for a second time, the 51-year-old Texan remembers two odd sensations: There was hair-splitting screaming and a deep, underwater-like silence.


Landowners sue ExxonMobil over Yellowstone River oil spill

October 4, 2011

Three months after the ExxonMobil Silvertip pipeline burst near Laurel, pouring about 42,000 gallons of crude oil into the flooded Yellowstone River, the disaster has spilled over into the courts. Billings attorney Cliff Edwards filed a class action lawsuit Tuesday in Yellowstone County District Court on behalf of eight landowners. The suit asks for a jury trial and unspecified punitive damages from Exxon for long-term harm to their land and businesses.


Results expected soon from oil-tainted soil sample tests

July 30, 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency has conditionally signed off on ExxonMobil's work plan for cleanup of the July 1 oil spill in the Yellowstone River. Exxon included in this latest draft comments and additions made by state and federal agencies. Full approval from the EPA.


Oil spill work continues while frustration mounts on slow sample testing

July 27, 2011

The number of workers on the oil spill site along the Yellowstone River has now ballooned to 890. Cleanup work from the July I spill-when an ExxonMobii pipeline burst underneath the Yellowstone and dumped an estimated 1,200 barrels of oil into the river -is now in its fourth full week and crews are seeing progress.


Yellowstone spill tally: Oil on about 60% of shoreline

July 26, 2011

The four sites cleaned up last week by ExxonMobil on the Yellowstone River after its pipe burst a month ago have yet to be cleared by the Environmental Protection Agency.


Oil cleanup continues on the Yellowstone River

July 11, 2011

It's a rare site to see a closed runway at Billings Flying Service, but after an ExxonMobil pipe burst and spilled 42,000 gallons of crude oil into the Yellowstone River, the flying company's property has since turned into a hub for cleanup efforts.


Flooding, oil spill do serious damage at popular walking area

July 11, 2011

Kelley Gililland didn't let a little bit of water ruin her daily dog-walking routine.


Yellowstone River crude oil spill could be double announced numbers

July 02, 2011

Estimating the quantity of crude oil spilled from the ExxonMobil pipeline into the Yellowstone River was posted on the web site yesterday morning.


Karrels file counterclaim for abuse of process

December 1, 2010

Michael and Terry Karrels filed a counterclaim in District Court last month for abuse of process against Prairie County commissioner Todd Devlin.


Kramer wins $240,000 settlement from MSU

August 12, 2010

Former Montana State football coach Mike Kramer said Wednesday he settled a lawsuit with the university partly because it was interfering with his desire to return to coaching.


Montana State, Kramer settle lawsuit after firing

August 11, 2010

Former Montana State football coach Mike Kramer said Wednesday he settled a lawsuit with the university partly because it was interfering with his desire to return to coaching.


Kramer settles suit over firing

August 11, 2010

Former Montana State football coach Mike Kramer said Wednesday he settled a lawsuit with the university partly because it was interfering with his desire to return to coaching.


City plans to contest Rehberg lawsuit

July 6, 2010

The city of Billings expects to contest a lawsuit that alleges that the Billings Fire Department breached a duty to protect the Rehberg Ranch Estates subdivision from a wildfire that scorched nearly 1,200 acres on July 4 in 2008.


Railroad: Grain dispute resolved

November 21, 2009

BNSF Railway Co. says a federal court has already resolved new accusations by Montana's attorney general that the company broke a grain shipping agreement with a state-backed rail line.


Family sues over chase that ended in fatality

October 22, 2009

The family of a Billings nurse killed by a drunken teenager who was fleeing from police has filed a wrongful death and negligence lawsuit, claiming city officers and county deputies violated their own pursuit policies.


High court sides with Montana Power retirees

October 15, 2009

HELENA - The Montana Supreme Court has upheld a $21.4 million judgment against NorthWestern Corp. and several of its executives in a case filed by 15 retired Montana Power Co. executives whose supplemental retirement benefits were cut off in 2005 without notice.


Whitefish residents near rail yard to test for toxins

May 7, 2009

WHITEFISH, Mont. - Some Whitefish residents with property near a Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail yard have hired an attorney and plan to test for toxins after BNSF started offering to buy property near the rail yard.


Whitefish residents to test for contamination

May 5, 2009

WHITEFISH, Mont. - Some Whitefish residents with property near a BNSF rail yard have hired an attorney and plan to test for toxins after BNSF started offering to buy property near the rail yard.


Whitefish residents hire lawyer to test for contamination from railyard


WHITEFISH - A high-profile trial lawyer from Billings will arrive in Whitefish on Monday, with a plan for detecting suspected railroad contamination in a trendy downtown neighborhood.


Whitefish residents worry about BNSF offers


WHITEFISH - The Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad company has been quietly knocking on doors in a trendy Whitefish neighborhood, offering to buy homes and businesses that aren't for sale, while hinting that the ground beneath might be contaminated.


Chaotic chase preceded fatal collision on Grand

April 25, 2008

Court documents detail young driver's movements; 17-year-old charged as adult
Shortly before a Billings nurse driving to work was killed when a motorist fleeing a sheriff's deputy sped through a stop sign onto Grand Avenue, another Billings man was jolted by the actions of the same motorist.


Top 100 Verdicts of 2007


Edwards Frickle & Culver has been awarded the honor of achieving one of the Top 100 verdicts in the United States for 2007.



BNSF must pay park county $14.5 million

July 23, 1999

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Co. must pay $14.5 million to Park County for dumping toxic waste in the county landfill during the late 1970s and 1980s, a state jury has concluded.


Victim of Attack at Shoe Store

Awarded $1.5 million

May 08, 1999

A young Billings woman attacked at the Payless Shoesource where she worked in 1997 was awarded $1.5 million from the company Friday -- one of the largest judgments ever in Yellowstone County.


Supreme Court retains damage award in Heights Payless attack

$1.5-million judgment upheld

May 11, 1999

HELENA (AP) -- A $1.5-million judgment against national owners of a Billings shoe store where an employee was attacked in 1997 has been upheld Thursday by the Montana Supreme Court.


$1M damage award in Payless case upheld

May 11, 1999

District Judge Russell Fagg on Monday affirmed a $1 million punitive damage award to a young Billings woman who was sexually assaulted at Payless Shoesource where she worked in 1997.


Father sues over runaway semi. Swift lawsuit claims brake negligence

August 18, 1995

The father of a 13-month-old boy who was critically injured Tuesday when a runaway grain truck crashed into the mother's pickup truck filed a lawsuit against the owners of the semi Thursday in U.S. District Court in Billings.


Appeals court backs $1 million jury award

October 04, 1994

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a jury verdict that awarded nearly $1 million in lost profits to a Volborg couple who charged that a trenching machine that didn't perform as promised ruined their business.


Widow sues insurance company after it denies claims

April 10, 1992

A federal jury in Billings awarded $1.6 million in punitive damages Thursday to a Laurel woman who sued Wabash Life Insurance Co. for denying $6,383 in claims for her cancer-stricken husband.


A Laurel woman who lost her husband to lung cancer...

April 09, 1992

...three years ago should receive punitive damages from the insurance company that refused to pay for his treatment, a federal jury in Billings decided late Wednesday afternoon.


Survivor sues over insurance

January 28, 2015

A woman whose husband died of lung cancer in 1989is asking a U.S. District Court jury in Billings to award her damages from the insurance company that denied claims under the supplemental cancer policy she and her husband paid premiums on for 17 years.


$2.5 Million Awarded in 1989 Death


Big Judgment: Award eclipses previous record in Stillwater County

The family of a Columbus man killed when he was pinned between two trucks has won a $2.5 million verdict against a Bozeman-based cable TV Company.