Montana Plane Crash Lawyers

Plane crashes may occur with less frequency than car accidents. However, an aviation accident can cause great damage, not only in terms of the casualties but also the damage to property.

Although plane crashes are rare, attorneys at Edwards, Frickle & Culver, Montana Trial Attorneys are experienced at handling these types of cases. Coupled with our knowledge of personal injury and products liability claims, we can help you secure compensation after an aircraft accident for your injuries, the loss of property or, in tragic cases, the loss of a loved one.

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To learn more about your legal options after an aircraft accident, contact our Montana plane crash attorneys in Billings. We offer free initial consultations and trusted advice to injured clients.

Our lawyers represent clients injured in aircraft accidents involving a range of situations such as:

  • Accidents involving corporate jets as well as privately owned jets and aircraft
  • Firefighters with the forest service flying into remote areas to prevent forest fires
  • Power companies checking remote power lines and stations by helicopter

Looking for the Cause of Your Aviation Accident

In order to determine the parties at fault in your accident case, we need to uncover the cause of the accident. Our legal team is adept at researching and investigating the causes of plane crashes and helicopter accidents. We will research the airplane equipment and components, including engines and other products, to determine if there is a products liability claim. W also examine aircraft maintenance to see if the proper FAA standards and regulations were followed.

Our attorneys will also collect and preserve key evidence for you claim. This includes collecting black box data and witness statements. We also consult with aviation and accident reconstruction experts to recreate the accident and try to determine the cause.

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