Montana Wrongful Death Lawyers

Presenting Claims for Montana Wrongful Death Damages

Every family responds to the loss of a loved one in its own way. In some families, different members can have widely differing responses. Many people also find that their feelings and perspectives about the death of a family member change as they go through their own adjustment process.

At the Edwards, Frickle & Culver, Montana Trial Attorneys Firm, we think it's important to let families move through the stages of a hard transition at their own pace and in their own ways, but at the same time, you should know that the law has its own timetable. If you don't seek legal advice in time to allow for the effective investigation and presentation of wrongful death claims in negligence cases, you might lose important rights.

Contact our office in Billings to learn how our attorneys work with families to protect their rights and future security while standing by as a resource for all the questions and needs that might develop in the aftermath of an accidental death. We offer free consultations, and we bring a 30-year tradition of client service to bear on behalf of Montana families.

Our job is to protect your legal interests and the value of your claims while your family concentrates on taking care of each other. We handle wrongful death litigation related to such situations as the following:

As well as representing clients throughout Montana in wrongful death litigation, our lawyers also pursue claims on behalf of families in other states who lost their loved one in a Montana accident.

To find out more about our approach to client service in fatal accident and negligence cases, contact Edwards, Frickle & Culver for a free consultation about your legal options.