Montana Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Sound Advice for Montana Motorcycle Accident Survivors

If you or a family member was injured in a motorcycle crash anywhere in Montana, it's a good idea to work with experienced personal injury lawyers who know how to work with the distinctive factual and legal issues that characterize these cases. Contact Edwards, Frickle & Culver, Montana Trial Attorneys in Billings to learn how you can benefit from our lawyers' experience.

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Motorcycle accident litigation differs quite a lot from a car accident case. First, your attorney has to neutralize the widespread assumption that the motorcyclist was probably riding irresponsibly, first with the claims adjuster and later perhaps with a trial jury. Next, the serious injuries typical of a motorcycle crash mean that you might well have to find sources of compensation in addition to the other driver's insurance coverage.

We are able to reach the scene of a motorcycle accident with a team of investigators anywhere in the state right away. Our senior investigator is an experienced motorcycle rider who knows what to look for in both the physical evidence and the police reports. Our advice in the immediate aftermath of a serious accident can go far to preserve essential evidence and protect your interests in a fair settlement or jury award.

Our statewide motorcycle accident practice serves the needs of clients in both personal injury and wrongful death cases involving:

  • Motorcycle-related accidents in Billings, Great Falls, Missoula and all across the state
  • Out-of-state riders visiting Montana for one of our annual major bike rallies
  • Accidents along the I-90 or I-94 corridor
  • Collisions with drunk drivers
  • Severe injury claims involving uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage
  • Accidents caused or aggravated by defective components or negligent repairs

We offer free consultations in all cases, and we only recover an attorney's fee if we're successful on your behalf. Our ability to advance the expenses necessary for the development and proof of complex liability and damages claims represents an additional benefit of working with our firm.

For additional information about our approach to client service in Montana motorcycle accident litigation, contact a lawyer at Edwards, Frickle & Culver in Billings.